We are already halfway through the festive season. And like me, I am sure you’re also facing the big challenge of resisting your taste buds from tempting and mouth-watering items all around. The impulse to eat healthy and stick to your diet plans in spite of those temptations is not easy. And what life have you lived if you haven’t eaten some good food, isn’t it? It’s not bad to indulge yourself, but what’s bad is overdoing it. You just need to be careful that you don’t completely ditch away from your healthy habits. Here is a list of survival tips that will help you with healthy eating even during merriments – right from a foodie’s perspective.

1. Drink a lot

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

With this, I mean water and fresh or sugar-free juices and definitely not alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Fresh juice and water will keep your body hydrated. Moreover, you’ll have less urge to eat anything and everything that comes before you.

2. Have snacks at regular intervals

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

Having small snacks at frequent intervals is a great way to control your hunger pangs. This way your body’s sugar level will be at optimum levels and it’ll also prevent you from over-eating at one go. You must choose your snacks wisely though. Everything that says fat-free isn’t healthy. Look for the ingredients before consumption; try to stick to organic instead of processed foods. You can go for fruits, yoghurts, pop-corns, nuts, buttermilk, sunflower seeds, roasted chana, makhana/foxnuts, etc.

3. Be a fruit lover

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

Festival menus are incomplete without the inclusion of fruits. So, you can grab your favourite ones and beat the hunger with the healthy alternatives whenever possible. Fruit yoghurts, smoothies, and roasted veggies are great options on some occasions.

4. Be wise and selective

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

Don’t ignore your cravings but be wisely selective while loading your plate in a buffet. Always try to avoid foods that come with adjectives such as combo, jumbo, fried, extra cheesy etc. You can rather go for roasted, barbequed, baked, or steamed alternatives.

5. Pick your desserts smartly

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

This one is one of the most difficult decisions to make especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. You just have to play a little smart – try to look for fruit-based desserts, remove the frosting whilst having your favourite pastry or just ask your server for healthier alternatives. Squeeze out the sugar syrup from the rasgulla. Avoid added sugars as they do no good to your body. If you just can’t avoid having a dessert, try to limit your portions. So, pick smart desserts that do no harm to your healthy diet plans.

6. Prefer a platter

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

When you’re in parties, you may lose track of what and how much you’re consuming. It is, therefore, better to have a platter strategy. Fill your plate with a good amount of salads, lean proteins, barbequed veggies, etc. and skip the unhealthy fats and fried items. This way you’ll know what you’re eating.

7. Avoid carb-rich food

Keep your head a bit alert while eating. One of the best ways to avoid a lot of calories is to keep away from carbohydrate-rich items such as rice, pasta, and pizzas. Look for proteinaceous dishes and prefer those over others.

8. Detox

Festive season survival tips for healthy eating

Keep space for a detox day. If at all, it gets too difficult to control yourself, go on a detox. Your detox can include anything from being on fluids all day to having broken wheat and curd in meals. Being a big-time foodie, I understand how challenging and overwhelming it can be to control those tempting dishes, but a detox day can come handy.

It’s not really possible to program your body and act like a robot always. Surely, we human beings are known for our adaptation qualities. We sometimes forget the rules and tend to go free. No worries! Even if you overdo your diet sometimes, start afresh the next day. Stick to your healthy lifestyle and everything will get back to the normal cycle.

Here’s wishing you a great festive season!

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