Shopping is always fun especially when the festive season is around the corner. We all love to shop our heart out! Guess why? The enticing sale offers everywhere on thousands of products is the obvious reason. This is one side of the coin. Many even say that flash sales are actually a myth. True that getting trapped by discount deals is easy often, but not always. The strategy to follow – don’t simply buy things because they are on sale. You must figure out your needs first and then look for offers in those categories. Besides, if you are an online shopping freak, then its lot easier to compare the prices, use discount coupons, enjoy cashbacks and catch exclusive deals. I must confess that I keep waiting for these sale days when I can stock up my wardrobe for the whole year ahead. Yes, I save quite a pocketful of bucks. You too can!

Buy these five things during the festive season sale and be relaxed through the year ahead.

1. Fragrances

Perfume! This one thing is something that we all use every day. Also, it is an excellent gift item to anyone on any occasion. So, why not buy this essential item when the sale begins? You can grab premium fragrances at really affordable prices.

2. Boots and sneakers

With the onset of winters,  it’s time to get hold of at least one pair of boots and sneakers. And let’s face it guys – those aren’t cost-efficient. Majority of the expensive and branded footwear is put on huge discounts during festive season sales. The first reason is the beat the competitors and the other is to clear up their stocks. Both ways, you are being benefitted. Buy your favourite pair of shoes during this festive season sale.

3. Ethnic wear and your basic set of woollens

Any festival is incomplete until you get yourself wrapped up in an exclusive designer wear. This is why the maximum number of discount deals are on clothing during any festive season. You can make a smart move and stock up your wardrobe with basics for the whole year. Along with your special designer dress, purchase your winter clothing in advance so that you don’t have to rush when the cold begins.

4. Electronics

Along with items of personal use, there are huge discounts on electronics and home appliances during festivals. It won’t be bad if you plan to buy a new refrigerator or a home theatre when they are on special deals. Many items are also sold in combo offers. So take the benefit when you can!

5. Toiletries

Last but not the least, toiletries are one of the basic necessities for everyone. You shouldn’t, therefore, miss out those ‘buy one get one’ and other special offers on these items. These have long shelf lives as well, so need not worry about expiry. Stock up your soap, shampoo, detergents etc. when they are on super saver deals. I got The Body Shop Showers Gels at less than 200 INR, what else can I say!

One last tip as I end this piece – make a list of what you need and leave what you don’t. This will save you from being a spendthrift and do unnecessary expenditures. If you have any more tips, comment below!

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