Life to me is ‘an amazing opportunity’. The opportunity that helps me explore, the opportunity that gives me the power to plan my life my way, the opportunity that enlightens me every time I get smashed, the opportunity that reinstates my faith in goodness and willpower, the opportunity that lets me fly in all the directions I want to, and most importantly, the opportunity that makes me LEARN. We, humans, are born as individuals and offered to play our roles on a distinct level as well as in a collective manner. Our souls are offered a body and it is up to us how we choose to use it and that in itself explains that life is nothing but an amazing opportunity.

The gift of life is divine. Everything that we are reflects from within. Since childhood, I have considered my life as this great chance to work upon myself. Life hasn’t made me a perfect human being but it has certainly offered me the opportunity to learn. Life has been a constant learning process which has eventually made me the person I am. In fact, the story of learning hasn’t finished. It will keep going on until the end of time.

And exactly this opportunity offers me to choose what to learn, how to learn and most importantly, how to leave an impact on the life of other people. I honestly feel that if you are not making a difference in the life of people around you then there’s something extremely wrong with what you are doing. Your strength and power lies in being able to give back to the society through a greater good. Trust me, it is so much better than any other goal or ambition of your life.

Little acts of kindness and small ways to bring a smile on people’s face can start a big chain of happiness and positivity in mankind and that can bring all of us a little closer to each other. It is these initiatives that can build this huge planet into a community of people connected by oneness and not separated by boundaries. It is because of the same I do not think twice before volunteering or doing charity. I may not earn enough, but every month when I see that I finance the education of two kid, I get an altogether different kind of happiness.

Life to me is this opportunity to meet different people, explore different mindsets, experience different places, and be able to create a tiny home of happiness for myself and the people around me!

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