Isn’t it ironical that we humans tend to make the same mistake repeatedly? We meet thousands of people in our life and by the time, we reach our quarter, we do learn and understand the basic trait of human beings. While everyone of us different, there are some characteristic similarities that all of us hold on and somewhere all of us know. Sadly and weirdly enough, we tend to ignore it. Why? That’s because we live in a hope. The HOPE of finding a better person, the hope of being with someone who’d understand our feelings, our emotions, and most importantly, our perspective.

But what we do tend to miss is the fact that the person whom this is being expected out of is a human. And my dear friend, the traits of a human being are pretty much the same. To only feel and understand their own perspective, not yours. To kill the hope of others in order to fill their pots of hope. These stories that we were taught as kids about selflessness, love and affection, all of them were just a way to instill our minds with good old values, values that don’t exist anymore.

All that exists is greed, selfishness and one’s own motive. The day that end, everything ends.

So learn to make your own choices, choice that include you. Stop being selfless, the world doesn’t doesn’t need it. Learn to be your own hero. Learn to be someone who keeps themselves the priority. Because the world doesn’t give a damn to even the biggest of your sacrifices.

Make a choice. Make yourself a choice. Not tomorrow, not later. Right now!

Merry Christmas!

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