2017 has been a big year for home improvement and renovations. A lot of technology managed to enter into our homes moving our roles from hard workers to smart workers. Amazon Echo and Alexa are one of the finest examples of smart homes. Now that the year is reaching its end, it’s time to watch out for key trends that will be creating a mark in 2018. These trends are decided by design industry experts who have been studying the market and its conversions. If you’re someone who is planning to renovate your home or you are someone who is a part of this industry, this piece will be exceptionally helpful for you.

Take a look at the top home improvement tips for 2018

1. Geometric Patterns

Home Improvement Tips 2018

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Apparently, geometric patterns are a thing. If you are not ready for committing yourself to getting all walls done, let geometric patterns be a part of one of the walls of your room and watch the magic happen. These mesmerising wallpapers have taken the industry by storm and are also pocket-friendly.

2. Smart Kitchens

Home Improvement Tips 2018

Smart kitchens will continue to be the talk of the town. From smart refrigerators and cookers to digital assistants in your kitchen, innovation and technology will help you connect better with not just people, but also everything in your kitchen.

3. Minimalism

Home design trends for 2018

There was a time when the living room was all about putting as many décor pieces as one could brag about. But now the scenario has changed, more and more people are opting for minimalistic furniture that requires the least maintenance. Simple and elegant couches are in especially the ones made out of faux suede or vinyl fabric due to the benefit of having minimal upkeep.

4. Timber


For long, we have seen the installation of regular timbers such as plywood. Moving on to 2018, we will have much darker timbers in our homes. From kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms, all places will have darker shaded timbers. In fact, be prepared to find some timber look tiles in your homes in 2018.

5. Vibrant Colour Schemes

Home Improvement Trends 2018


Neutrals and pastels have been high on demand throughout this year. In fact, all the big brands and designers were in awe with these shades and nearly every home décor item involved them. Interior designers were suggesting pastel shades for everyone. But this is going to slightly change this year. The neutrals will continue to be on top of their game, however, guess what’s making a comeback? Vibrant colours like greens, reds, blues, and pinks, all are here to stay in our homes making them lively all over again. Moreover, research says vibrant and lively shades up the quotient of happiness in a house.

6. Nature


2017 saw a lot of handloom and natural products coming our way. We also introduced some greens in all our rooms. This trend is going to continue in 2018 with items like jute rugs and mats, woven baskets, handmade carpets, etc. In addition to these, our living rooms will have more foliage in them. Succulents have already been a part of our homes for long, however, this time around, things are bound to get greener. Indoor plants like Fiddle-leaf fig trees, ferns, and Birds of Paradise will find a place in every home. While these make great indoor plants, you can also put artificial plants if you think you cannot take care of plants.

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