Kerala, one of the best tourist destinations in India, offers a beautiful natural topography to the visitors. Apart from its scenic beauty, the state has a number of wellness retreats in India, where you can rejuvenate your health with a touch of nature. It has spice plantations, tea estates and backwaters, along with luxurious resorts, where you can spend your days amid the stunning beauty of nature. The resorts here have Ayurveda centres and spas, which offer healing facilities and herbal treatments to refresh your soul. Here, we list up nine Ayurveda resorts in Kerala, where you can improve your health and well-being.

Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort, Mararikulam


This is quite close to the Alappuzha backwaters, just 8 km away, and happens to be one of the most refreshing Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. The resort has one of the most outstanding luxury spas, along with houseboats and villas. You can have a good time in the backwaters and enjoy the beauty of the place. Apart from this, the classy dining makes a stay at this resort worth remembering. The hospitality has a traditional touch and warmth. The Yoga infrastructure offers weight loss, body detox and stress control measures.

Kalari Kovilakom, Palakkad


This is another luxurious Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and meditation classes. Set up in the midst of nature, this is noted for different Yoga therapies like   Swedanam, Pizhichil, Sirodhara, Kizhi, Ellakithirummu and Njavarakizhi. These are personalized according to the needs of individuals. People can also seek packaged treatments here, with duration of 2-4 weeks. As it is a completely vegetarian resort, you will not be able to carry any leather product, consume meat or alcohol when you stay here.

Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort, Thrissur


One of the leading wellness retreats in Kerala, this is located near Thrissur, close to the Nattika Beach. The Ayurveda resort is famous for its natural healing infrastructure. The lounge faces the sea and offers a number of indoor games. The experts suggest accurate diet and therapies. You can avail packaged stays here, lasting for 7 days to 28 days. The tennis court, swimming pool and souvenir shops are other centres of attractions.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort, Kovalam


If you are looking for a fine touring destination coupled up with meditation facilities, this resort should be your ideal choice. This is one of the earliest resorts in the state and offers a variety of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic treatment sessions. The programs include weight loss, anti-ageing and stress-eliminating therapies. You can also enjoy boating and elephant ride here. The experts provide classes for designing Mehendi and preparing Ayurvedic cuisines.

ShinShiva Ayurvedic Resort, Kovalam


The refreshing ambience of this resort will help you to heal your mental stresses. The visitors enjoy the spiritual benefits, meditation and herbal cures from the experts. The area is surrounded by palm plantations and sea. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday amid the lap of nature here. Dr. V. Franklin, one of the best Ayurvedic experts of recent times, provides therapeutic sessions here and treats diseases like arthritis, infertility, urogenital diseases and mental diseases.

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, Kovalam


In case you want to spend a holiday in a budget hotel in Kerala, this is one of the best options for you. Ideal Ayurvedic Resort has a refined infrastructure for spa therapies and spiritual wellness. The resort offers a traditional warmth, world-class amenities, wellness programs like Thalam, Kativasti and Seerodhara. The speciality of the resort lies in treating sports injuries, skeletal disorders, muscle complications, digestive problems and treating high levels of cholesterol.

Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort Thiruvananthapuram


Apart from Ayurvedic treatments, this resort is known for various martial art training sessions. The experts provide a holistic approach to the visitors and you can enjoy the lavish settings in the resort. The charming surroundings make the resort graceful and travellers from all around the world come here to enjoy the aesthetic beauty. It is situated in the midst of plantations and the green cover all makes the place even more attractive.

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurveda Health Resorts, Athirappilly


This is one of the best Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala where people find the solace of their minds. You will enjoy the sheer mix of heritage and comfort here. It is located close to river Chalakkudy and attracts tourists from far and wide. All modern amenities are present in this resort and it has 14 cottages. It also has 5 Ayurvedic hospitals across the entire state. Natural healing is of primary importance here.

The River Retreat Heritage Ayurvedic Resort, Cheruthuruthy


The vintage resort is a luxurious destination for travellers, rated at 4 stars. You will find all types of amenities to spice up your leisure holiday here. The rulers of Cochin used to have a luxurious time at this place in the olden times. The centre of attraction lies in the Holy Basin, the spa based on Ayurvedic treatments. You can seek facial therapies, meditation sessions, healing therapies and yoga facilities here.

With this, I conclude my list of exotic ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. Whether or not you are someone who has a holistic approach towards life, you should at least go to any one of the mentioned above to take an experience of a lifetime.

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