You may be hesitating to wear a maxi dress if you are too short. Hold on, you can be comfortable with these dresses irrespective of your height. Fashion trends are evolving, and clothing tastes never remain static. Here are ten tips that will make you comfortable with your maxi dress, even if you are short.

Choose solid colours

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If you have a preference for single-coloured dresses, choose dark/bright solid colours. Solid colours can make you look gorgeous, as they enhance your entire frame. Coloured maxi dresses generate an illusion of your height on the body, enhancing your looks.

Avoid colours with pattern blocks


You should avoid wearing maxi dresses with colour blocks. They divide the body structure in the middle, making the height appear shorter than reality. You may wear multi-coloured dresses instead of wearing pattern blocks.

Try out smaller prints


Wearing clothes with smaller prints creates an effect that makes you look taller than the actual height. In case you have a pretty face, smaller prints will suit you well. Keep this print-factor in mind while buying maxi dresses.

Focus on the fitting


Fitting is a decisive criterion that determines your looks. Wear a well-fitted maxi dress that has a distinct cut in the waist region. It will make your features look distinct, while a loose-fit dress will make your figure short and bulky.

Use of lines and stripes


It is important to examine the pattern of lines and stripes. Shorter girls should not go for horizontal lines. Vertical lines create an illusion that adds extra height to your body.

Watch out for fabrics and layers


Women with short figures should avoid wearing maxi dresses with frills and layers. Simple and straight cut make them look beautiful. Keep away from dresses with elaborate fabric art.

Choose the right height


When you choose maxi dress for short girls, go for the dresses that comes right down to the ground. While some of these dresses expose a part of your legs, it is not logical to buy these clothes, as they make your height look shorter.

Choosing the shoes


Maxi dresses deliver a comfortable feel to the women. You must go for shoes with open tops and straps. You need not wear pumps to make you look taller. Loose-fit sandals go well with girls with short physique.

Examine the neck-cuts


Choose maxi dresses with V-necks rather than round necks. They make the body look elongated, whereas the latter adds to the roundness to the body.

Accessories matter too


Try to wear accessories that retain the focus on your maxi dress. You should minimize the number of accessories and wear belts to make your figure appear slim and tall. Wear a same-colour belt, so that it does not divide the frame in the middle.

These tips will help you to choose the right maxi dresses and make them compatible with your height. However, I’d like to add in here – Wear what you want, but wear with confidence. I love maxi dresses and have been wearing them since the time people said that they are not meant for short girls. One of my favourite maxi dresses has big prints which almost every fashion guru would advice you to stay away from, but trust me, I look the my best in it. I garner maximum compliments on the day I wear this dress. Sharing a picture in my favourite dress of all-time. It works perfect for an evening out with friends, a visit to the supermarket or at office.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. It was written out of my personal reluctance to wear a maxi dress some years back and for all the short girls who still hesitate wearing one. Go on, wear a maxi dress and conquer the world!

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