It’s not always easy to choose a good university in the increasingly cutthroat world of admissions. Many of Canada’s universities are well recognized for promoting a global prospect and quality education through enrolling diligent students, hiring knowledgeable faculties and encouraging scholarly educational, sports and cultural activities, meaning that you can expect an omnipresent feel on campus. The choice of a university is one of the most assiduous and edgy tasks. To clear out the obscurity, here are some of the top universities in Canada which offer merit education.

1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a top-ranked community research university situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This 190-year-old institution is governed  by the ‘Church of England’ and as an erudite university, twelve colleges fall under its jurisdictions. It has two branch campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga. University of Toronto offers over 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs across three campuses in the Greater Toronto Area. U of T has  scholastic research faculties and facilities, thus the opportunity to learn the latest developments in your field of interest is enormous. U of T has been getting the most annual scientific research funding of any Canadian university & it is due to the fact that the university has proven to be the birthplace of many scientific breakthroughs.

2. University of British Columbia


Ranked 36th in the World University Rankings 2017, University of British Columbia is the second most honoured university in Canada. It was founded as an affiliated college of McGill University concentrated mainly on medicine, theology and law. Later in 1950, UBC attained the status of a University and broadened its domain of offered courses to 500 Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in subjects such as business and economics, Engineering and technology, arts, humanities, linguistics and translation. Alumni of UBC have been Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes Scholars.

3. McGill University


One of the oldest universities in Montreal, McGill University was founded in 1821 as the nation’s first faculty of medicine. It is the most internationally diverse medical-doctoral institution in Canada. This public research university offers degrees and diplomas in over 300 fields of study. Three hundred buildings bear 11 faculties with 11 schools in this vastly spread university. It also treasures 12 Nobel Prize winners and 140 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other university in Canada.

4. University of Montreal


The Université de Montréal situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has sixteen faculties and schools which offer 600 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Numerous courses are offered here which consists of clinical, pre-clinical, health, life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, business & economics The Francophone University bears 67,000 students which are ably managed by an exquisite academic staff of over 7,000 consisting 2,700 professors and researchers. The University of Montreal has produced many notable alumni and one of them was Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada’s 15th prime minister.

5. University of Alberta


The University of Alberta, established in 1908, is also a public research university. It is also known as UofA or UAlberta. The university poses a huge impact on Alberta’s economy, that is five per cent of the province’s GDP. It comprises of four campuses in Edmonton, a staff centre in downtown Calgary and the Augustana Campus in Camrose. The University has a total of 150 buildings spread over its four campuses.Apartt from the international and academic courses, it also offers programs in native languages enabling the students to understand the culture in depth. It has also renowned its status as a major palaeontology research institute including world-famous dinosaur experts.


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