Tiredness can be caused by a multitude of factors connected to the lifestyle that we lead. Of course with the stress and pressures of life increasing, there is a steady deterioration in the quality of life lived thereby resulting in a loss of resting time.

Rest is perceived by most of us to be a physical activity. We tend to ignore the mental aspects of the same. It is thus a very common sight to see people supposedly resting yet browsing the internet, chatting on their phones or even watching television. With the mind in an eternally alert state, there is no stress management and hence no rest.

I realised this while working in a start-up. In fact, it took so much toll on my health that I had to quit. After quitting, I took a break and chose a job that was able to provide a work life balance. Since I have been through all of this, I decided to do a post on the same and make people understand the reason behind extreme tiredness 24*7.

Cause of tiredness


Tiredness can be attributed to a number of causes which can further be classified into:

  • Physical causes: These include health ailments like thyroid, sleep apnoea, anaemia, diabetes etc. as well as being underweight or overweight.
  • Psychological causes: This is much more common than physical tiredness and can stem from a variety of conditions which result in low energy levels like:
    • Anxiety,
    • Insomnia,
    • Stress and strain,
    • Emotional shock,
    • Depression etc.
  • Lifestyle causes: This classification includes factors which affect the daily lifestyle of a person like:
    • Too much consumption of alcohol,
    • Eating junk food or having a bad diet,
    • Dehydration,
    • Working in night shifts etc.

Ways to tackle this tiredness


Stress management forms the core of all ways and means that need to be adopted to tackle tiredness. Some ways to do this are:

  • Proper diagnosis and treatment of the physical causes of tiredness with the help of a good doctor, routine and special blood tests and regular intake of medicines.
  • Following a good exercising routine on a regular basis helps to boost energy levels. It also helps us to sleep better and lose fat thereby overcoming the problem of obesity.
  • Drinking lots of water helps to relieve the body of dehydration which would otherwise sap the body of all energy.
  • Getting a proper and peaceful sleep for the requisite number of hours every night helps the body to recharge itself thereby making a person feel energised the next day. This should never be substituted by taking cat-naps or afternoon naps since our body is preconditioned to sleep and get rest at night.

Understanding the needs and requirements of our body and mind and ensuring that they are met is the best possible way to overcome tiredness and fatigue. And anyone who feels tired all the time should make a concerted effort to correct this condition and avoid serious health ailments in the future.



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  1. Thank you so much! I tend to feel tired a lot and I can’t seem to figure out why. I’m beginning to think it has something to do with stress! Thanks for this post, super helpful!

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