When I was in college, insomnia and migraine had hit me real bad. I was unable to sleep at night. When I’d somehow manage to sleep, I’d be such a light sleeper that even the slightest of sound would wake me up. Due to all this, I’d feel nothing but rap when I woke up in the morning. I felt as if I hadn’t slept the whole night. I was always tired and sleepy, every day seemed like a struggle for me.

I could not concentrate on my studies. All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, and sleep more, but I just could not. I tried medication but it didn’t make much difference. Moreover, all of us are aware of the side effects of the sedatives given to migraine patients. I decided enough was enough and it was time to fight this my way.

I had never ever done yoga. I hardly found any connection with it, but I had read a lot about the benefits of deep breathing exercises so I thought of implementing meditation in my lifestyle. I won’t deny that I had my rebel days; I would just keep writing as soon as the pain hit me. I was so furious with myself and my body that I just kept fighting. And it did help. But somehow I lost track of it!

Fast forward some 5 years and I had chikungunya. I was a mess again. My immune system had given up and I was sick every other day. My stress levels had gone really high, thanks to my startup zindagi and I wasn’t sleeping well. And that is when I decided to bring yoga completely into my life.

February 2017 brought in a drastic change in my life. I chose yoga. Through yoga, I came to learn a lot of things and some of my myths also got cleared too. Practices done in the morning are different from the ones done in the evening which I thought was same irrespective of the time. After all, yoga is yoga whether you do in morning or during some other time of the day. I learned different postures and breathing exercises that helped me a lot in my night sleep.

It has just been six months since I started practising yoga, but it has helped me a lot. Therefore, I thought it was my responsibility to share with my readers the benefits of yoga and how it can lead to better sleep helping you with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

1. Yoga cuts stress hormones

Stress and anxiety are everywhere. It has been proven that doing yoga regularly lowers your cortisol levels, which is responsible for stress. Regulating your yoga practice can be highly beneficial to reduce your daily stress levels and provide you with a sound sleep.

2. Yoga aids in maintaining a regular routine

All our childhood I was taught to restrict my time of watching TV before sleeping and to keep the room dark while sleeping so as to generate a regular routine. As much as this might it be helpful, I have found yoga to be more helpful for me.

3. Yoga balances your nervous system

Remeber that your nervous system remains awake and keeps on reminding you of all your stress that you went throughout the day. Yoga can help in balancing this; it activates your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you to get a good and sound sleep.

4. Yoga is a helping hand in unreliability

Thinking about tomorrow’s work and stress and would I be able to do them or not are some of the reasons that disturb your sleep. This often lands you in frustration and thus keeps you awake all night. I won’t say here that doing yoga will make you stop thinking about tomorrow’s work, but doing it can give you ways to handle such situations.

You can meditate when you are not able to sleep and you will find that you can relax even more rather than being stressed about not being able to sleep. Just enjoy the time you stay awake rather than feeling angry about not being able to sleep.

Yoga is an amazing way to bring a difference in your lifestyle. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better than you used to before.

Have you experienced yoga change the game for you?

Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. It certainly does, but you have to be patient for it 🙂 I will do a post on that too as soon as I am able to make a huge change in my weight with you. I have already lost 3 kgs doing just yoga practice though 🙂

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