Today i.e. the 5th of June is observed as the World Environment Day every year. Now we all know about the sad situation of the environment, we all know about the problems, but are we doing anything to help make it better? You know you don’t really have to go out of the way. You can just do it in your own ways. You won’t even realize it, but you can actually help the environment in more ways than you can ever expect. This World Environment Day, let’s take a look at how you can contribute towards making the world a better place!

Get into gardening


Since this year’s theme is connecting people with nature, gardening is certainly a great idea to start off with. You can either start off by setting a small garden area in your home or if that’s not a possibility, you can together build a community garden in your society where everyone can savour some fresh produce on a regular basis. This comes with three advantages – You save the environment and also save yourself from chemically grown veggies and fruits. And what’s better? It’s cheaper than any of the produce available in super markets.

Choose used


Instead of getting new furniture for your home, why not get one second hand? Looks antique and also costs half the price of what it would be available at any fancy store. By going the reuse way, you will also help reduce the carbon footprint. And especially the book lovers, you can go for second hand books instead of buying new ones every other week. Or simply head to the library. I know we are left with few libraries, but we can always find one. If you stay in Gurgaon, you can head to the Huda City Centre Metro Station. There’s this amazing library with some good books available. Even CCD has started keeping Kindles for readers. Instead of buying new electronic goods every now and then, consider getting them repaired. Make eco-friendly choices and reduce the resource usage.

Make it to the mandi


Let’s face it, all of us have this habit of heading to the super market every weekend and stocking up for the week. Skip the fresh produce aisle of the mart and head to the local mandi or the farmer’s market. You’ll be surprised to know how dirt cheap that is and so much better than what you generally find at the store. If you’re new to buying from the local market, consider taking a friend of yours who can help around with picking the better pieces. In this way, you help the environment, save for yourself and also manage to help farmers get their business running.

Indulge in DIY projects


Don’t we all have worn out bedsheets and towels that we tend to throw away or those innumerable plastic bottles? Why not use them instead of throwing them away. YouTube is full of DIY projects, you can easily turn your old towels into wonderful mats, bedsheets into curtains, bags, napkins, and what not! You just have to give one try. You would be delighted to see your work all over your house. It is cheaper as well as helpful for the environment.

Get your cups


Almost every office goer will relate with the idea of having to use plastic cups for everything. Whether you wanna have a cup of coffee or just some water, you get up from your seat, head to the pantry and pick that plastic cup. Did you know you use about 500 cups of disposable glasses on a per year basis? Can you even imagine how much of a waste that is? Now come to think of it, how much a difference you can make by simply bringing your own mug? If you’re a Starbucks aficionado, you will be happy to know that you get a discount on bringing your own cup.

These were some of the ways in which you can make a difference! Some other possible ways include taking a pool ride instead of driving your own car or hiring your own ride, buying out loose cereals in bulk instead of buying packaged ones from the supermarket, carrying a bag while shopping (which by the way you can create out of your old T-shirt or bed sheet), use natural cleansers, track your fuel usage, lees usage of appliances, and conserve water whenever possible. And let’s not just make it a one-day thing but an everyday thing. Here’s to saving our Mother Earth!

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7 Replies to “World Environment Day: 5 Things You Can Do to Save the Environment”

    1. Thank you 🙂
      It doesn’t take much to save the environment. If only the world would understand!

  1. Rightly said. We all need to do our bit for environment. Start from small and go big. Reduce electricity consumption. When u can, save water. Wear clothes which require less water to launder. Walk than taking that Uber next time. Only we can make our society better.
    Good stuff to read here thanks to author.

  2. Hey Harshita,

    For gardening, we are offering free seeds and saplings to your readers.

    They can just ping me @ 9971999143.

    Superbly observed!

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