Going through a quarter-life crisis? Or are you someone who is going to turn 25 soon? Are you facing questions like ‘what am I doing with my life?’ or ‘where is my life heading?’? Step back, take a deep breath and read on. This is a compilation of my personal experiences. There was no one to tell me what changes I need to bring into my life once I turn 25. I have realized and understood all this with time. I am about to turn 26 in May. This listicle will be able to help you in various facets of life and give you a better idea about making decisions during difficult times.

Let’s take a look at 25 things you need to start doing once you are 25!

1. Eat Right

Of all the things, turning 25 is about eating right. Trust me, you can no longer survive on junk and expect your body to not hit back. It’s time you realize that that Pizza you love so much and gorge on almost every other day is not exactly your long term partner. Make friends with greens. Have short meals, keep fewer gaps within your meals to increase your metabolism.

2. Leave Office on Time

If you haven’t done this yet then it’s time you start implementing this now. Your life is so much more important than that report your boss wants before midnight. Your organization won’t stop if you won’t work after seven. Learn this as early as you can!

3. Drink more Water

This may seem simple but our body requires at least 2 litres of water every day to maintain proper functioning. Sadly, we don’t even drink a litre of water. All those toxins need to flush out of your body. Add a reminder in your phone for every 1 hour and ensure that you follow this everyday religiously.

4. Say NO to caffeine

Aren’t we all addicted to coffee? Take my advice. Cut down your caffeine intake to 1-2 cups a day. All that anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and insomnia will be gone. I have personally witnessed the change in my sleep cycle since the day I limited my coffee breaks. My migraine attacks have minimised to a huge extent. From a person who had about 5 cups a day to a person who has coffee once in 3-5 days, I have come a long way. You can do it too!

5. Start cooking for yourself

We are so used to getting packed lunch that we don’t even give a thought to cooking for ourselves. Give your cook an off this weekend and don the hat of the chef. When you cook for yourself, you put not only the right ingredients but also the love and dedication. Apart from your mother and spouse (if you are married), it is only you who can prepare yourself good and healthy food.

6. Stretch

So many of us stay away from home and have a hectic work schedule. Stretching is something we hardly pay heed to until your doc asks you to. So before you’re made to do things, it’s best to start doing it yourself. Stretch. Do yoga. Get fit! A major part of turning 25 is directed towards realizing the importance of health and fitness because this is when you can make or break your body.

7. Read everyday

Our hectic lifestyle hardly leaves us with any time to read however, always make some time for reading. Whether it’s something you do while you commute or before going to bed, make sure you are reading something every day. Not blogs, not news, not magazines, but books. An actual book that will bring out the better you!

8. Invest in a hobby

When we were kids, we would keep participating in debates and events but come high school and most of us lost on to that. Our focus was on studies. A lot many got back to extracurricular activities while in college but eventually, we let go of the practice. A regular job is not the end of pursuing a hobby. It’s never too late to learn guitar, violin or take up that baking class you always wanted to do.

9. Dance

While a lot of us shake a leg on that Friday night, so many people lose the chance of enjoying something as simple as dance. Dance helps you connect with yourself. If you are ashamed of moves then don’t be. Go, join that local dance class that will teach you different forms of this amazing art.

10. Stay in touch with school friends

So many of us lose touch with old friends but it’s important to stay in touch with them. You may meet new people but people back from your school know the kind of you no one knows. I agree we move on to become a different version of ourselves that may not go along with your school friends but it’s always good to stay connected with the ones who loved you and accepted you unconditionally.

11. Learn to SAVE

So many of us have just spent our money on that party with friends or that pretty dress we liked so much but it’s time to realize that this is not exactly how life works. You must save up for emergencies. Turning 25 brings along a big turn in your life in a lot of ways, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally, so save a bit every month.

12. Use your tongue

If you don’t like the project you are working on, go and tell it to your boss. If you are not happy with the guy your parents want you to meet, speak up. If you know your friend is being a jerk, go and tell him. The tongue has been given to you so that you use it to speak. So just use it!

13. Say YES to some me-time

I know it’s fun to party with friends but it is as amazing to enjoy a movie back home with some homemade pasta or a glass of your favourite drink. Learn and understand the beauty of life indoors, not just outdoors.


I should not be telling this to you but keep travelling as an important part of your life. Take a trip every 2 months. India has thousands of small and big places to be explored and almost every region has some amazing places waiting to be visited. So just travel. And don’t wait for that friend to come along. Just go alone.

15. Learn

You may have got out of college but there is never a full-stop to education. Keep yourself up to date with the latest technology and techniques. Keep enrolling for online courses and pledge to finish them off in time.

16. Turn your house into a home

Invest in a good place for yourself. Turn it into a home. Decorate it and make it a heaven for your comfort and pleasure. It is not necessary to be an interior decorator, you can just surf the internet for ideas and inspirations to modify your dull looking room to something you would love to return to after work.

17. Go home

Due to our tight schedules, we let go of that visit to home. Thankfully in India, we have Diwali and Holi to reunite families but that’s not enough. Take an off from work and spend some time with your folks. Surprise them, pamper them or maybe just go on a short holiday with them.

18. Get yourself insured

It’s time to realize that your health is not going to be all good forever. In fact, if you would have noticed, it has already started to fade. So get yourself a good insurance plan, life and health, both. It will pay off during emergencies. If you are staying in India, you can easily get health insurance online via portals like PolicyBazaar and BankBazaar. Compare the price and benefits to get the best one for yourself.

19. Nothing lasts forever

I agree that we have realized this long back. Broken relationships lost dreams and whatnot has made us understand that nothing lasts forever. But somehow it has still not sunk. So if you have let that relationship go, the one that could have been your everything or that friend who was your only confidante, it’s time to mend that bond. And in case it’s irreparable, understand that it has had its age and it’s best to not cling on!

20. It’s OKAY to get married

It might sound a little unsettling but it’s completely okay to settle down. It’s okay to get married and stay loyal to that one single person all your life. It doesn’t mean that you have lost the race. Being married is a beautiful feeling and it is in no way demeaning your image in the social circuit.

21. It’s never too LATE to Dream

If you think you have lost on the time to start something then understand that you haven’t. It is never too late to dream and turn them into reality. So it’s totally okay if you are a lawyer and wish to turn into a full-time chef and start a restaurant. Just don’t let go that dream only because the time is gone!

22. Give back to society

I have always believed that if what you are doing is not something that is giving back to the society then there’s certainly something wrong with what you are doing. Be a little selfless and donate to an orphanage. Or simply volunteer for a cause! I fund a child’s education and trust me, the kind of satisfaction that I get is priceless.

23. Make friends with strangers

Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. People from different fields. Make friends with them. Couchsurfing is a great platform to meet various kinds of travellers and learn from their experiences. I absolutely love meeting people from across the globe. It’s great to know about different cultures and lifestyles. I also happen to meet people via various food and heritage walks. Since I come from the travel and hospitality background, I meet people via these platforms. You can do the same in your field. It’s amazing, I must tell you.

24. Drink responsibility

We have had our days of being drunk and wasted. Heartbreak? Get drunk. New job? Get drunk. Promotion? Get drunk. We follow this rule too much in our youth and once in a while, it’s kind of okay and it’s fun too. But it’s time to realize that it is not always the best idea because drinking affects not only you but also people around you.

25. Don’t let your inner child die

Yes, you have turned 25 and it’s time to act mature. But being mature does not mean that you let go that child in you. The inner child must not die, whether you are 26 or 62. As the saying goes – Be young at heart!

That was a long list I know, but I hope that it’s going to be extremely helpful for you. If you think, I have missed out on some points, do let me know. I’d love to know your suggestions.

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    1. Yes, Hemant. You must! It is one of the most important things to implement in one’s life. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  1. This is exactly what sums up my and everyone’s life who is in their 20’s. Couldn’t agree more 🙂 beautifully written 🙂 Keep writing and inspiring 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I wrote this article keeping the relatability factor in mind and I am so glad you’ve been able to connect with it 🙂

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