Half the day is almost gone and you still do not know what to do? I know what must be going in your head. She’ll be really angry if I do not come with a plan. What if she leaves me for someone else? But where do I take her out? All good restaurants are full. Moreover, everything is so costly. I rather do something or be prepared for a nice lecture. But what?

What if I told you that your day can still be made without getting out of your home?

Yes! Your saviour is here! Smile 🙂
But how?
Let’s take a look!

1 – As you drive back home, purchase a bottle of wine/champagne, whatever she prefers. It’s time to set the mood.

2 – Skip the flowers. Too overhyped for the day and way too costly.

3 – Instead of getting packed food, cook for your lady love.

Whatever you think you can make best. Pasta is a good bet. Stop by at the grocery store, buy raw items you’d need for your dish. And while you are at it – get some candles too.
If you guys are into board games then I am sure you may be having one at your home. If not, get Scrabble, Pictionary or any puzzle too!

4 – Become a Wordsmith and leave her a nice romantic text on your way back.

5 – Reach home and give her a warm hug. Wish her. Compliment her!

6 – Now ask her to just sit back and relax.

7 – Get started with your cooking. Cook together. It is always fun.

8 – Ask her to get dressed. By the time she does so, light up your room with those candles you got.

9 – Put on some good music and indulge in a homemade candlelight dinner along with the wine you purchased.

10 – After the dinner, catch up on some board games.

11 – Take your romance level a little higher. take a hot romantic shower before you depart to bed.

Don’t forget to tell her how much her presence matters in your life. You can alternatively try these budget ideas for Valentine’s too.

Hope you have a great day with your beloved. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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