Personalities and people are often differentiated on the basis of two colors – Black and White. As kids, this is how we segregated people in our lives. The good people signified white and the ones that had to be kept at an arm’s length were symbolized by the color black. We kept on doing so for long but then we began to grow.

We began to understand that not everyone can always be good or not everyone is always going to be bad. We began to realize that the world was not always about black and white, it consisted of shades of grey. All of us had shades of grey, we weren’t blacks or whites. Sometimes we were good, sometimes we were bad; sometimes we were forced to be good, sometimes we were compelled to be bad. Either way, we understood that life was never going to be black or white for us.

Didn’t this happen to all of us during our teens or early youth? We accepted people with their flaws, we accepted the fact that people with a heart of gold could react unreasonably. We adjusted, we compromised, we ourselves began doing things that came in our convenience zone. We decided it was okay to be selfish, it was okay to break the rules, it was okay to accommodate with people’s dark side because in the end, they were humans who were allowed to commit mistakes.

But now that I am 25+, I kind of realize the meaning behind black and white. I understand why our elders differentiated our lives in two parts. This is because it makes our life easier. Isn’t life already too complicated to adjust to people’s tantrums, moods, and decisions? Why should we compromise at the stake of other people’s priorities? I kind of feel, this ‘shades of grey’ thing is simply introduced in the society to make black people look acceptable.

What is wrong is wrong! It cannot be justified with the fact that the person is good at heart. You can’t play with your nation’s crucial information just because you wanted to feed your family’s stomach. You can’t play with two people’s heart and yet say I did not mean foul for anyone. You can’t steal from someone just because you wanted to bring a smile on someone else’s face. These are simple examples of black people who try to portray themselves as white when in reality, they are wrong.

Segregating people basis black and white is so much better than accepting their greys because sometimes, grey is no justification for the wrong you did. Why complicate your life by including such people in your life? Why compromise? Would you like a stolen pair of earrings? Would you like a refurbished home that has been built by money collected from bribe? Would you like have that fancy bag for school that comes out of some homeless child labor deprived of his daily wages?

So stop people if they try to enter your circle of grey because that circle of intersection of black and white ought to remain empty. Lead a guilt-free life. Stay loyal to Karma. After all, what goes around comes back around.

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