It was one of those mundane wintry mornings when in popped a mail. The guy needed content for some hotel listed with us. I obliged but who was this guy anyway? I asked around and understood he was the same guy who’d come next to my desk pretty much every day and talk about whole lot of TV series that he was currently watching and what must be watched. Oh! And he was also the same guy who had volunteered to help a fellow colleague out with cutting his SIM so that it could fit the slot followed by a joke created around what was this biotech engineer actually trying to achieve in his life. Funny it was. I saw him almost every day but never spoke to him or even asked his name. 
Time does have the power to change a lot of things. Soon enough, I found myself going with him for chai sutta breaks. Over those hundred of maggi sessions, I have no idea how much we would have talked. From the silliest and the most absurd topics to the most thoughtful of scenarios, we did manage to discuss it all. Sharing the common UP thread, we have laughed so much over certain things that I cannot even think of being silent when he’s around. It is said that a friend’s presence makes your life wonderful and his did that for me. 
He has somehow managed to be with me during my lowest of moments in the recent times, he has surprisingly also been the only point of contact for my parents when I fled telling no one about the Mcleodganj trip,and he has certainly made me realize that the strength of friendship sure as hell does not depend on time as long as you believe in the bond.  
Today, as you turn 24, here are a few wishes I want for you to come to true. May you soon fly overseas for your masters! May you get a sensible girlfriend! May you get some senses in your head! And this one’s for me – May you get a little less annoying!:P And also stop scaring me by pulling my chair hard every single day. 
Here’s wishing you a happy birthday silly 😀
Dear World, please pour in your wishes for the birthday boy – Vageesh. 
P.S: I still have no idea why we don’t have a picture together.

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