There are some interactions that leave you with no words. Abhik Chakraborty’s happens to be one of them. He has left me in a trance and all I can do is just ask you read down his views on issues close to him. And yes, Abhik is an electronics engineering student and a contributor to Crumpled Voices. 
He has been a frequent contributor to various websites on different topics of self help and current affairs; he has also been an intern for A foodie, he wishes to be a nomad for some time of his life to travel places, and write at least one fiction, which truly can define a story, playing with the exquisite wonders of adventure and traveling. 
Reading lots of books is not his cup of tea, but a good book surely holds his mind’s controls.
Drop him a mail on his id : [email protected], and share your comments and suggestions, and praises and praises and praises!
In a conversation with me, he tells me all about his writing journey. 
How does it feel to be a part of ‘Crumpled Voices’?
Ans: Writing is something I do to recreate myself. It gives me pleasure to create new characters, add emotions to them with my words, make them speak what I want to, and make them live in the world, exclusively created by me, with all things to my liking. But that’s a kind of personal satisfaction, which is entirely different from getting published. Publishing makes you share your exclusive world with others so that they can get a chance to trip through it. It’s like an imaginary friend coming alive. After getting selected in Crumpled Voice’s anthology, a sense of inner satisfaction filled me. Suddenly I felt more confident about myself and the cause of this anthology made me feel very responsible. It felt like an achievement to let people experience the world of a victim, and make them understand apathy. I hope I can bring some change.
Tell us something about yourself.
Ans: I am an engineering student. But that’s the least important part. The more important things that could define me are – my height (6 feet!), my lack of smile in my pictures, the lack of hair on my head (Sigh!), and my serious love for singing and photography. I have done many performances as a singer, and have won one All India Photography Contest, organized by Max New York. Other than this, as a person I am a hell bent introvert who prefers to enjoy alone at home than crib about everything in a dim lit club. I like innuendos onromance, and believe that love is a flash reality, a favorable serendipity, and happens just once in your life. The only thing that I find bad about me is me being short tempered. My aim of life is to earn enough money to have a carefree life.   
Tell us something about your writing journey.
Ans: Writing came to me like finding a five hundred rupee note on a windy day. It was never planned. I had always loved English and would find ways to write anything, be it articles for local magazines, or a school assembly script, but that was all. But after engineering happened, in order to pass time during my summer holidays, I started penning down a story. It took me one year to write its 97000 words, and just because of this word count, I was either rejected, or was asked for money, which firstly, I didn’t have, and secondly, I found too immoral to give, since I wanted to get it traditionally published. Between all this chaos of yes and no, engineering continued and in the free time, I started penning self-help, philosophical, and current affair articles, for numerous websites, one being exclusively used to show how Jiah Khan’s suicide could have been prevented. And then, finally this year, I signed my novel contract, with a long wait period. But I am happy. Atleast it doesn’t make me look down upon myself as someone who got published due to his monetary power. And now, I pen short stories, have scripted my second novel, a psychological murder mystery, and look forward to continue this, but, only as an interest, and not as a profession.
Tell us something about your story. What instigated you to pen down a story on this issue?
Ans:  I wrote this story to refresh my mind during my fourth semester examination, and during that time, it was just a twelve hundred word scribble. But later, I thought that I should actually make it worth reading and then, after editing, it rose to almost double the word count. Talking about my theme, the inspiration comes from the fact that I am really sensitive about women. I feel that they just shouldn’t feel any pain. Have you seen any woman smiling? Be it any age, the heaven just drools around that smile. It makes your day. Making them feel any wrath is just, just wrong! It’s revolting against nature! So, I decided that let’s just make a story, which would not only tell about the insensitivity of rules on our society, but also bring down a character, whose pain, that literal sting on the skin, the merciless agony, the people should feel on their body. May be that way, this brutal activities can stop.
Name one social evil that as per you needs major attention.
Ans: There is no ranking for evil activities. Each one is as worse as any other. But, considering my story, I would go around to shout at the top of my voice that – KILLING FOR THE SAKE OF HONOUR – IS OUTRIGHT DEVILISH. You don’t control anyone’s life. It’s their wish, whom they feel love for. It is as natural as the time and feeling of hunger or going to bathroom!
What do you think can be done to curb such practices?
Ans: Strict rules are indeed laid out. Our law has enough punishments for brutes but the problem comes when it is to prove – who is the brute? Judgements for honour killing happen at a local panchayat who share similar mindsets. Local courts, with people who don’t belong to that region can lead to judgementsthat is without favour. Rehabilitation centres for distressed couples is also a good move. Police heads should also be from different region for a place. Installing women constables, a 24X7 doctor, they can actually reduce the problems, quite a bit.
If you were given a chance to help eradicate a social evil, what would it be and how would you fight the same?
Ans: I am too small to eradicate any social evil by myself, because, directly or indirectly, even I am a part of this society. But as a writer, I would love to write more on various social issues so as to make people, atleast aware, that they are doing it wrong. That they should think a bit before doing anything heinous. That it is time to rectify.
Name one social organization that you feel is working in the most progressive manner.
Ans: That’s really a question for job interviews. (Giggles!) Honestly, I can’t really tell any name like that without googling. But in the past, when I was in school, I had worked for a school initiative named ‘We for India’, if that counts. We taught little children, played games with them, and dedicated a full day of life to them. But there is a catch. They were all children from Leprosy colonies, who were looked down upon due the disease being contagious. Also, in the college, I had worked for Rotary Club and organized blood donation camps.
Lastly, is there a message you would like to convey your readers.
Ans: I am too nascent for now to give any advice to my readers. But I want to share the philosophy I use as a writer. Read as if you want to know everything about the book. Write as if you want the reader to know everything about your book. Never care for the word count. And don’t copy anyone’s style. Be unique. Play with the power of your writing skills and try to write something that shows things rather than telling them. And yes, never use deep words. But always write with a certain depth, so that when the writing reveals its true sense, it creates a moment of extravaganza for the readers. 
We wish Abhik all the luck with his book. May you accomplish your dreams! 🙂

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