Smita has a post grad degree in Sociology and a diploma in Human Resources. She gave up a flourishing career in a corporate firm, for an even more enriching one- motherhood! A true Mumbaikar, she lives on pure adrenaline. She juggles between being a hands-on mom to a garrulous three year old girl, interning at Gargi Publications as well as maintaining a blog. Her other passions include music, food and of course, books, whenever she can squeeze in time. 
Smita believes that writing comes from the heart as much as it comes from the mind. Her blog “Simply Me” can be found at and is exactly that, simply her; unedited thoughts and opinions on every subject under the sun. Her dream is to someday become a full-fledged author and hopefully reach out to a much wider worldwide audience.
In a conversation with Harshita, Smita tells about her debut work ‘Crumpled Voices’ and her tryst with the pen.
Harshita: How does it feel to be a part of ‘Crumpled Voices’?
It feels great, obviously. I feel excited and honored to have been given this opportunity by Pulkit and Ila. And the best part is the wonderful friends I have made during this journey.
Harshita: Tell us something about yourself.
Smita: I am a romantic, happy-go-lucky person, who takes life as it comes. Writing for me, is a tool to express my views and bring out my innermost feelings.
Harshita: Tell us something about your writing journey.
I began writing a blog a little over a year ago. I write about anything that inspires me, irritates me or for that matter, amuses me.
Harshita: Tell us something about your story. What instigated you to pen down a story on this issue?
Smita: My story focuses on domestic violence and marital rape. The inspiration was the suffering of my friend, on whom this story is based. I wanted her voice to reach out to everyone.
Harshita: Name one social evil that as per you needs major attention.
Smita: As per the current situation, I think it’s definitely ‘rape’.
Harshita: What do you think can be done to curb such practices?
Smita: First and foremost, we need to have a strong value system, beginning from home. Other than that, we need sensible and powerful law makers and law enforcement as well, followed by strict action against the perpetrators of these crimes.
Harshita: If you were given a chance to help eradicate a social evil, what would it be and how would you fight the same?
Smita: It would be child molestation/rape. And the best way to fight it is to begin at home. It’s the parent’s responsibility to make the child aware of such an evil. Also, the children should be encouraged to speak out when in trouble.
Harshita: Name one social organization that you feel is working in the most progressive manner.
Smita: I know quite a few names, but frankly speaking, wouldn’t know much about the progress they are making.
Harshita: Lastly, is there a message you would like to convey your readers.
Smita: I would encourage each and everyone to buy this book, and help these “Crumpled Voices” come out into the open.
Thank you Smita. It was great having you on the platform of Dreams V/s reality. We wish you all the luck and success for your writing endeavour.
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