Today, we get talking with the author of ‘The Angel Love and my Broken Promises’. Kundan Vidyarthy who stays in the land of sandesh, rashogullas and Kali Ma, has already written two books but got published with his third book. He is currently working on his fourth book and I’m pretty sure all his fans are already waiting for it eagerly. Let’s know a little about this author and his tryst with the written word.
1) Congratulations for your book, Kundan. How does it feel to hold your book in hand?
Ans: Thank you so much, Harshita. Well, I can’t describe in words what I feel holding my book. It’s beyond words. I have waited as many as two long years to see my work in this form so you can understand it, I guess. It’s special; really special.
2) Tell us something about yourself, your background and your life before becoming an author.
Ans: I am a simple guy who believes strongly in the words ‘Love’ and ‘Friendship’. A little laid back as people say about me; a day dreamer who has the guts to chase his dreams. I come from a very small village in Madhubani district of Bihar where parents still live in the world of doctors and engineers and they do everything to get a doctor or an engineer out of their children. I was a little fortunate to have a parent who let me take my decisions. Though they didn’t know that I would decide to be an author or they would have questioned me for it! Anyway, I did my schooling from there and moved to Kolkata for my graduation. It took me few free months and a job opportunity to discover an author in me.

3) What inspired you to write this story?
Ans: Nothing actually. After getting kicked away numerous times for my first two books from many publishers I decided to hold the pen again and this time I penned down the story of a girl who actually is an angel. A true lover.
4) Are any of the characters, Simi, Jay or Nidhi, a part of your real life?
Ans: Not yet but I surely would like to have Nidhi around if she exists in real.
5) What are the obstacles you faced while writing your book and eventually getting it published?
Ans: Honestly, a writer never faces any obstacle while writing. I too enjoyed it. The problem starts after you finish writing and decides to get it published. It was really tough and heart breaking too sometimes while reading those rejection mails. Yes, there were and still are people who keep de-motivating me and scaring me about the prospects in the publishing industry but I don’t care. I just do what I love to do.
6) How was the response been from the readers till now?
Ans: Nice words from a reader can make an author’s day and I am fortunate enough to hear few good things about my book. I take this opportunity to thank them all for reading my book and saying good things about it.
7) How has your experience been with your publisher?
Ans: Its been very good. Gaurav really is a nice guy and very hard working I must say. He’s been very supportive throughout. Thanks to him for creating a platform for authors like me in the form of Omji publishing house. It takes a lot of guts indeed to give a chance to new authors and he is doing it so all credits to him.
8) Who are the people you’d like to give credit to for achieving all this?
Ans: A lot of people. The ones who supported me and those who didn’t. My friends, my family everyone. It wouldn’t have been possible without their support. And yes, to my publisher too for deciding to publish it.
9) What kind of books do you read?
Ans: I read thrillers, murder mysteries and love stories a lot. I like to read good hindi poetry books too.
10) What kind of work can the readers expect from you in future? Are you working on your second work? Would you like to reveal something about it?
Ans: As I said, its the third book which I wrote so I have already two scripts in the documents folder of my computer. Right now I am working on my fourth book which is a story of teenage girl and her mistakes. The title is ‘Kaira… The unlucky girl’. As far as my works are concerned, an author writes what he/she experience or see. I would also not like to stick to a specific zoner.
I would love to write around love but yes, not a pure love story always. A good thriller is what I am looking for next. Though I wouldn’t hesitate to pen down what needs people attention.
11) Is there a message you’d like to convey to your readers and loved ones?
Ans: Thank you all for reading my work, supporting me and criticizing me sometimes. Keep doing so as I always need you all around me. Thank you so much. Love you all.

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