For a change, I ain’t going to blabber too much. There’s a news that I wish to share and have been wanting to since a few days now. After the wonderful response of my debut work, I had a lot of mails coming up asking about my second book. At that time, I was clueless if I’d be able to bring it within one of the first book but then I guess, there’s someone up there being more than kind to me.

One In A Million turned 1 on 2nd May. It released on my birthday last year and it’s the same time of the year like last one and my second piece of fiction is finally up for pre-orders. Yes, I’m not kidding. Bad Romance, a story extremely close to my heart is finally coming up in the market in a few days and as of now, my publisher and HS18, both have been too kind to me by offering maximum discounts on my book bringing down the 165 bucks to just 99 bucks on pre-orders. So, probably all you can place an order for me. May be, give me a birthday gift. Trust me, for an author no gift is better than being appreciated for her book and getting to know that her book has just been sold.

This is the cover page. I kind of felt the book describes the story in a pretty nice way. Sensual, subtle, slow and romantic. Amol Karambe, the cover designer has been quite kind to me as he tackled all my whims and rejections and finally came up with such a beautiful cover.

Pulkit Gupta, my publisher has been my pillar of strength when it comes to writing my books. He has always been after me, constantly motivating me for bringing out the best out of my writing skills. But that doesn’t mean that I’d deny the fact that he hasn’t scolded me and been literally pinging all day and night to not waste even a single second. I believe, this is the best thing about getting a publisher who is a friend. He knows you inside out and makes sure that everything goes as per your comfort zone. The best part of Pulkit is that he has this amazing art of being firm and gentle in his ways at the same time. I do owe a lot of Bad Romace’s progress to him. Thank you buddy!

And finally, sharing the pre-order link so that you can read the story of Tanishq and Kritika.


Please do order and yes, this time the books are going to be author-signed if you order it from HS18.

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P.S: The discount offered ends in 3-4 days. 

Happy Reading! ๐Ÿ™‚
~Stay blessed~

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