Trisha, a book that I had awaited eagerly, was finally in my hands on 16th feb. Yes, that was the day. The book was quite special to me due to my association with the beautiful authoress. I had read a few posts on her blog and felt that this dark fiction would strike a chord with me. Coming to the storyline, the book starts with the introduction of a Bong named Trisha living in Kolkata. She gets to meet Arnab, a guy she falls for later, through her official commitments. In time, they get to talking and knowing each other very closely. In no matter of time, like every fairy tale, even Trisha gets to know that the man she likes, loves her too and Arnab and Trisha become a couple, officially. Trisha feels her life is complete but she gets a jolt from the blue when she gets to know that Arnab has decided to get married to someone else instead of her as he cannot go against his family. Trisha is shattered and finally, after going through a lot of pain and stress, she leaves her job at Kolkata to pursue higher studies in Gurgaon. All the way from east, she lands up in the metro city with a hope to get over the man she had given everything. Here also, it becomes really difficult to cope up with the emotional and mental depression she had been into although she tries her level best. The moving part of the story is watching Trisha go through so much and even after that, how men started exploiting her state. I sometimes, feel helpless the situation of a girl becomes when men start exploiting her to the extent that they forget humanity.

What I loved about the book was that the author has portrayed the emotions of a exploited woman so well and in a matured manner. It’s quite common to see women getting ditched by men, getting deceived in a way that it almost sucks the life out of people. Well, it’s not just about gender; it’s more about the values people are losing these days. In the story, we get to know that the person who leaves her for marriage to his parents’ choice, was actually in a relationship with that girl for three long years. This is more of a plague widespread in India. Here, people love someone else and marry the person who their parents’ select. Why? If they are pretty sure that this is what they wish to go for then why spoil someone else’s life? There’s a wonderful message the book is trying to convey and that is about having the courage to love and accept it. I am so glad more and more people are writing on this concept. In fact, my second book also tries to portray something on the same lines. The victim often feels so helpless, feeble and lost that they begin to hate themselves. The last few pages will make you go out for the protagonist and the USP of the book is certainly the end.
As a debut work, Swagnikaa has done a nice job. At certain point of times, I did feel like why the story was stretching but probably, a few scenes were necessary to show what the situations had made her. My only point of suggestion would be that it’d have been amazing if the author had shown a little more about how she got over everything. The book shouldn’t have got over at the realization after suicide attempt, it should have shown how she corrected situation, how she stopped hating her body and got to seeing herself in the mirror. I believe this could have really helped a lot of readers who often go through what Trisha went but end up attempting suicide.
Another thing that I’d like to convey to the publishers is that wastage of so much of paper in today’s times is totally uncalled for. This was simply unacceptable and a big turn down to see you wasting so much of paper. I simply don’t get as to why one whole page got a single heading of chapter number, then again an empty page and finally, the story resumed. Editing is pretty fine and for the cover, it’s simply awesome. I believe Sunill Kaushik is undoubtedly the best cover designer we have today. Overall, a pleasant one-time read.  
Since I generally do not rate books, especially when they are debut works so please do not ask me to give my rating.
Thank you!
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