So yes, there’s a special news. Since I am still working on my second full fledged work, I thought of bringing this treat for you this Valentine’s Day.
Do you like the cover?
Moonlit Matinee is an anthology of short stories comprising 11 prose, 1 poetry, 1 sonnet and 1 ballad. On New Year’s eve, Pulkit approached me to associate with him for this book and I still can’t believe that it’s already coming out. The past 1.5 months have been extremely tiring not only becayse I had to edit this book but also because simultaneously, I had to pack and shift from Delhi to Gurgaon, adjust to a new life and workplace and also figure out the ways of a PG yet again which was extremely tough because for six months I had lived independently in a flat with my friend.
I clearly remember packing when Pulkit called up and said he needs the edited work early next morning. Ah! How could I? I was yet to finish my packing, I knew it’d take atleast 3 hours to complete everything and the loader was expected to come before 6 a.m. in the morning. “Oh! This couldn’t be happening,” I said to myself. But I knew, it was important and it was to be done because the typesetter wouldn’t be available after that for a fortnight which would again delay the book’s release. Thinking all this, I somehow finished off with my packing and also the final editing.
And that was not all. At the last minute, I didn’t seem to be satisfied with my story so it was changed and ‘Bon Voyage’ came into light. That one week starting from 24th January to 31st January has been the most hectic time of my life. 27th January was my joining date at Ibibo Group. I had so much to learn here and also get the book done. I have simply forgotten the number of times I’d have read the book. I don’t know how I did it but this book has seen me working the most in such a short span of time and has also taught me a lot about time management. I have sincerely put in all my efforts for the book and I do hope it reflects in my work.
Alongwith 11 other writers, Pulkit and I present before you ‘Moonlit Matinee‘. This is our gift for all our beloved readers on Valentine’s Day. Spread love! Spread happiness!
Much love,
P.S: If you wish to order a copy, do check out the link here.

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