The picture down there probably explains how wonderful the weekend went. On a lazy Saturday morning, I started off with this novella and couldn’t just put it down till it was completed.
Sharing a few lines with you that I just couldn’t help noting down. I can not promise a review though I’ll try my best.

Talking about Sunday, it was one hell of a day. One of my friends is getting married and since it’s the first wedding in our circle, all of us our super excited about the whole event. We have all been planning stuff since the D-day is just so near.

By the time, it was time for dinner I had no energy to cook and was in no mood to have the plain dal-chawal so treated myself with pasta. Thankfully, it turned out to be wonderfully yummy!!

Guys, you can have your share too 🙂 
Hope you had a lovely weekend and wishing you a happy Monday!

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