This post has been written by a person who wishes to play hide and seek with us.
You, you, you experience things and… they change you, it takes you into a new horrendous place; the place is somewhere beyond death and life, in that place you see your entire life in front of you… it forms images, plays a film in the somewhat closed theatre of our mind; the film consists of all the things that in one moment or the other in our life, did pierce us with the feeling of regret, even though it might have been a tiny sparkle but it shows us the picture of our life; the closed spaces we never visit, now, why I’m writing this is a totally different story and that’s one hell of a story… the instance of your life when you realize that very second when you’re trapped inside that place, a place where humans don’t fancy to visit regularly, it might be the end of it, the end of your existence… it all adds up to something, an unfinished equation that you might leave for someone, a puzzle you’d gift to your loved one to solve; the assumptions humans make and talk about during their life fail to come to a definite conclusion because the puzzle is unsolved, it is always unsolved, something has not been done yet, they’ve not served their purpose of life; we aren’t a satisfied race, we boast about our bravery but our mind rules us and it penetrates our imagination with fear, the most unruly, mortifying and unfaithful of all fears is the fear of death… death doesn’t end our life, it makes us disappear from the face of this unsatisfying planet, it removes our identity from this jealous and self centered race of living beings; the fear of death haunts us with the memories of every unfinished relationship we’ve had in our life and forms a cluster of emotions banging our head, it gives us reality checks; the most important and the most dangerous thing when you, you, you are stuck at a place like this is hope, yes hope is a good thing, the very best of things but hope is a beast that feeds on fear, the fear of death… they are twins, and are meant to live and breathe together; this place changes your life in a way nothing ever would, the nothing used here can be assumed to be an action of the highest intensity or an act of guilt of the lowest ground a human’s character can touch, and we can go down pretty low… this place is a good place to visit, it gives you a new life; initially it’d kill you but eventually you’ll learn to live with it and then you’d take it as a new beginning, that’s the purpose of that place, the place where you feel the certainty of death; fear is an act of dying, almost everything in the world is an act of dying, and we all wait for our moment, the moment when we’d find our pathway to start an act that’d eventually lead us to dying, because living is about dying –in a way, only… 

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