Eleven stories talking about emotions, the feelings that differentiate humans from animals, each with a flavour of their own. On a boring afternoon I started off with UYE-2 in order to take a break from the gruesome work piled on me. I’ll be honest here, I didn’t start off with the stories in their order, instead began with the ones written by people whom I call friends.
While Himanshu and Udita’s story dealt with what is generally referred to as puppy love, Meghant and Heena’s was about sacrifices made by lovers even at the cost of their lives. There’s something each story teaches. NECRT of love taught us even though the kids may be unaware of the fact that babies do not get produced by a kiss but love is something that know no age and can be true even when all you care about is grades and that pink bag. Life is dear to all but love is dearer, the sacrifices made by Kent’s parents is something you’ll cry for.

Love can happen any time, anywhere, even if it’s after marriage, 120 minutes by Sarvana was indeed a refreshing read. When you feel there’s darkness around, all you need is to bend a little, love is just round the corner, probably that’s what Ishani taught us through ‘I’ll be there’. Tarang Sinha’s ‘Dilemma’ touches on two sensitive topics namely widow re-marriage and child adoption, how does society figure it out how you can sacrifice the man of your life for humanity and a child’s love. Shalini Katyal’s ‘The Woman who Waited’ is wonderfully written with a language that is sure to strike with the readers, love never dies even if death separates bodies is what the author has perfectly described. ‘The Pale Pigeon’ by Siddhartha Yadav takes you to the love of the old age, the love that has seen and fought everything coming out victorious and content everytime.

Mahi Singla and Vinit Bansal need no introduction and have carved out stories as per our expectation. While The Client depicts a love that sees no class, When Destiny Strikes talks about love that comes between friendship but again friendship and a good heart overpowers everything.

Two stories left to talk about are Hickey by Heema Shirvaikar and Moksha by Kunal Marathe. I would say these two are my personal favourites, all you’ll react on reading them is a big WOW. I am not going to say anything about the story because all they need is your genuine read. Sometimes, stories leave you speechless and somehow, these two have left me with no words for their description because their beauty lies in the words.

All in all, a good attempt by everyone. All the best guys 🙂

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