After what happened to my two copies of UYE-1, I could never get to reading it. While I wouldn’t want to go into the history and bore you all, there was a small guilt for not having read Himanshu Appie Chhabra‘s work. For one, he had awaited my feedback for his published story and two, we shared a bond from the time we both were novices unaware of the ways of literary world. With time I have seen him rising and shining, from the time before Purple-Pen Blogs to the time of getting third time published Himanshu has come a long way.

Now that I have finally got my copy of UYE-2 and have no hostel girls to take away my copies and never return it, I started off with reading Uff Ye Emotions. And I made it a point to initiate the process with none other than ‘NCERT of Love’ by HAC and Udita.

Reading the story took me back to my school days when I’d see my classmates getting involved in a relationship. Since a major part of my school days were more of books and less of love, I often used to wonder if love at the age of 14 was actually true or not. But after reading their story, I kind of have a thought that may be it’s more about feelings and not at all about age. The letters, the words, the thoughts, that feeling of first love and relationship have certainly been narrated in a great way.

There’s an unknown honesty in the letters that comes out only when you are a teenager, only when you fall in love for the first time because after that we come to know that this world doesn’t value honest people, it doesn’t let trust and belief exist. This could well be sensed in every letter I read, the sheer honesty with which Udita shares her inhibitions and the infinite love that Himanshu express for her just tells you that love has its own ways of entering in our lives. A lesson learnt: Love is definitely blind and to the extent that it gives you the courage to kiss in the Principal’s office.

I don’t know about others but yes, I loved the story. However, I’d think twice before passing on this book to my 15 year old sister 

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