LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights have been the talk of the town. With the Supreme Court upholding Section 377 and going totally against Section 14, 15, 19 and 21 that allow the citizens equality, freedom of speech and expression and protection of life and personal liberty, I have just become all the more sure of the fact that I live in a nation of hypocrites, not that I needed more proofs but somewhere deep down I no longer want to stay in my very own land.

A country that is run by heartless people doesn’t need emotional people or people who want to lead their lives as per their heart and mind. A country that directs us what is to be done in the confines of our bedroom is nothing more than sick. I will not be surprised if some day we will get the news of foreplay being made illegal. Even more, I am quite expecting this from SC that a girl cannot wear red undergarments because it violates our culture, is too frivolous and offensive. I repeat, I shall not be shocked if they ban selling and wearing certain coloured undergarments for women.

I have still not figured out how any sane man can declare partner selection as a crime. But then I live in India, till now it was just the women who did not have the right to choose the man they wanted to marry or the right to give life to a child they wished to. Weren’t we totally distraught by the society who discriminated between the dark and white, between the man and the wife, between the boy and the girl? Now we have the SC adding fuel to another cause that had killed so many from inside. The masses don’t even have the right to select the gender of the person they wish to stay with, leave alone getting to decide if that particular person would be able to spend life with us or not.

Thank you Supreme Court, you can easily point out crime in what happens inside the bedroom but you will never take action against the rape that took place outside, the rape that killed a girl, the rape that killed a family, the rape that killed humanity. Thank you Supreme Court, you will talk about peace but will not offer peace of mind to the citizens of India. You talk about marriage and rights, how do you think would a straight woman stay happy being married to a gay or a straight man being married to a lesbian? How do you think a girl is going to survive when she witnesses the wedding of her partner to some guy? But hold on, why am I asking you such questions? You are heartless, aren’t you? You don’t care about how people feel, all you want to do is make puppets dance as per your tunes.

They talk about preventing suicides, how are they going to do that when an innocent human gets arrested for being gay? How are they going to prevent depression from this country when they declare a man as criminal just because he went on to love a man of his own gender. Thank you Supreme Court for giving us the Black Day and making us realize that it’s time to fly off to a better nation, for making us realize that we are not safe in this country, for making us realize that the country we call as ‘home’ will never be ours and will always be directed by some bullshit.

Now that you have given such a wonderful judgement, I want you to know we all will fight for LGBT rights irrespective of our orientation and you will know how it feels when one of your close ones turns out to be a homosexual. But sorry, I forgot you’re heartless and you wouldn’t mind sentencing him/her as a criminal.


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