Dear Pimple,
I am writing this to you after suffering from a distress of around 8 years. It’s been a long ordeal of stress, panic and restlessness. I never ever said a word to you all this while thinking it was as natural having you in teenage as crushes. You have always been a spoilsport, you know that. You always had to erupt on that big date, farewell, fresher party and my brother’s wedding. You came up any time, even when my crush was staring at me, even when I had that important project presentation in the class. You didn’t even spare me on my birthdays. I kept on applying Multani mitti, Neem pack and all such kinds of packs but you just didn’t seem to get over me. You know about that Ramdev Baba ka lep, it smells like hell but I applied it, thinking if you might also ward off with that awful smell but you have no pity for me. You always knew I hated you but still, you just wouldn’t leave me.
I kept on crying, wailing but to no avail; nothing ever seemed to affect you. In fact during days of distress, you’d start pouring in heavy numbers and all I could do brood over the fact that you just can’t be treated. My mom must have wasted so much of money on those several dermatologists who promised to cure you with some hefty prescriptions they subscribed me with. I ate some of the most bitter medicines and that highly irritating Safi but you were so stubborn that you just did not leave me.
You have been too cruel to me, you know that don’t you? Remember those times when you’d stick on my nose making me look like a joker in front of everyone. Because of you, I had to shut myself on some fun weekends. Because of you, I was often made fun of by my guy friends and you know how it is to survive in a class full of Mechanical engineering students. Think of it, 66 guys laughing at me just because of a big swollen red pimple on my nose. I have suffered so much of humiliation but all I did was held my head high and didn’t say a word.
But enough is enough, I am way past my teenage and no way can be so unjust to me. You have hurt me too badly, I have cried way too much and spent all my savings on you. Not only this, I have had to avoid some of the most delicious fried food. I just can’t survive like this and now, I am left with no option than to say we need to break-up, like forever.
I don’t want to see you ever in my life again. I swear I wouldn’t tolerate you spoiling any of my dates, friend’s weddings, birthdays, interviews, presentations, nothing. Please stay away from my way.
And let me tell you, I never loved you. I have hated you since the beginning and will do so till the end. It’s a good-bye.
Terribly annoyed 22 year girl
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