Today, we have two wonderful writers on-board, Himanshu Chhabra and Udita Pal talking about their short story ‘NCERT of Love’ that will be featured in ‘Uff Ye Emotions 2’. Himanshu happened to be a contributor in the first series too and received positive reviews for his entry. Both of them aren’t a new name to us, while Himanshu is the person behind the popular blog ‘Purple Pen’, Udita Pal is an complete package of talent and beauty.

Moving onto the question I asked them was ‘What inspired them to write their story?’ and this is what they’ve got to say.

They say everyone has a story to tell. In my case, I have many. Maybe, I am bad at maths or I am the exception to this statement but I have surely more than one story to tell. Every passing day is a story; every sleepless night is a story. I just want to capture them as much as I can in my books. Because I know that at the end, everyone is a story and I want to be the one read for ages. 

About Himanshu:

Himanshu Appie Chhabra, owner of Purple Pen Blog, is currently pursuing CA. He belongs to the city of Hisar and is an avid reader. A complete package, Himanshu muses every one with his strings on guitar. He is popular with his pen name ‘HAC’ He can be reached at or [email protected]

About Udita:

Udita Pal is a 17-year-old 12th standard student, pursuing commerce in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. She’s obsessed with social networking websites and can be found online either updating funny one liner on her not-so-interesting-for-her-but-entertaining-for-others-life or posting pictures of her. She calls herself a walking scandal and a misunderstood personality. She believes that there is writer in everyone just takes time to come out and make magic with his words She made special place in heart of many people with her witty jokes and quotes. She’s all set to debut with her first full-fledged romance fiction novel by winter 2013. Her dream is to become filmmaker. She loves giving “Gyaan” about love , relationships , lust , friendship , family problems etc. You can reach her on [email protected] or

Incidentally, today happens to be a big day for HAC. The short story collection ’25 Strokes of Kindness’ published by Grapevine releases today and he shares his name with biggies like Preeti Shenoy, Nikita Singh, Anjali Kriplani, Somprakash Sinha and Sachin Garg. As I write this post, HAC attends his book launch at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. We sincerely pray for Himanshu’s success and I heartily apologize for not being able to be a part of his big day. Nevertheless, I expect to meet him during the UYE 2 launch and the rest of the participants as well.

We wish HAC and Udita all the luck.

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