Today, I would like to introduce another two contributors of Uff Ye Emotions-2. Heena Ahuja and Meghant Parmar two popular people in the youth sect of Indian literature fraternity. While Heena dorns the hat of being Ms. Wordsworth, Meghant is counted as one of the best reviewers of today’s times.

Meghant and Heena are authors to the short story ‘Love and Sacrifices’ and I have exactly the same question to them as well: What inspired you to write this story?


There are two types of inspiration to write the story. First is a couple of people. The people I’m talking about are: Mehek the author of Chained and my co-author Heena Ahuja. The poetic influence came into my mind after I read Mehek’s book and Heena because she pushed me in the fray and instilled that confidence to pen the story down. As far as the plot is concerned I had a rough outline in my mind then I jotted it down and page after page words tumbled out. Heena too gave her inputs at various stages to make the job easier for me. So it’s not a single person’s effort, it’s a joint effort of me and Heena. 


When it comes to writing story there are few people who have been my supporter and inspiration too. Firstly my mother and then a friend who has always inspired and encouraged me to try out what my heart says. Finally my co-author Meghant, initially when he came up to me with the idea to be a part of this competition together I was skeptical but with his constant encouragement and support I couldn’t turn it down. Rest with all the discussion and hard work things fell into place and the outcome is in front of all of you 

~A sneak peek into the story~

Love and Sacrifices is a story about Kent’s parents how they meet and unexpectedly fall in love and how the cruel fate separates them in a way that they are still together and the way they tackle their situation without knowing what the future holds for them. It’s a tale of undying love and care, selfless sacrifices and help and the unspoken faith on each other.

About Heena: 
Heena Ahuja, a Mumbai girl at heart is an avid reader. Reading fiction caught her fancy when she stumbled across Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown & Nicholas Sparks books. After completing her masters she found her true calling in writing and has a lot of published poems under her belt in various e-magazines and columns. She loves listening to music and learning new things about life. She is a poetess at heart and ends up pouring her heart on a paper. She has a full time Facebook page where people have admired and adored her writing too. You can connect with her through her Facebook profile and her writing page too.
About Meghant:
Meghant Parmar hailing from New Delhi is a born car & gadget fanatic. His love for books blossomed when he first came across Tinkle & Champak magazines. Later on reading fiction became a forte and he is one of the fastest readers present around. He did his English Honors and now is looking for an opportunity to make a name for himself in writing industry. He is an upcoming book reviewer with a blog only dedicated to book reviews. His penchant for reading, writing and observing the surroundings comes naturally. When he is not writing and reading you can find him exploring historical places and following cricket religiously. He currently resides in Chennai. You can contact him through Facebook and his blog too.

That was all for today, the next one to have on-board is the handsome Himanshu Chabbra and the cute Udita Pal.
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