Going by the promise, let’s all give a warm welcome to the very beautiful Ishani Malhotra who currently resides in Guwahati and Tarang Sinha, an avid blogger and a columnist.

Let’s not carry with my usual bak-bak and instead read on what inspired them to write their story.

I started to write my story – I’LL BE THERE one night randomly but stopped after penning 300 odd words and I got busy working upon my debut novel. However, when Vinit started the contest, I wanted to take part in it. I was contemplating on writing a new story first but then I decided on continuing and finishing this one up.  
Today’s generation often have to go through emotions and situations like love, cheating, break-ups and one night stands in a very small span of time. I have grown up in a metropolitan city of India, Calcutta that is a fascinating mosaic of the fast paced life that we live today. This topic was something that I always wanted to write about and let the world know, that if you are cheated upon or given a cold shoulder by the one whom you love, you should not worry about it. I firmly believe that for every Villain, there is always a hero. And what better way to pen it down in a love story. Not denying the fact that Love does take its toll in our lives, but above all I believe its again love that has the ability to transcend us from any complex situations we face in life.

And I couldn’t agree more. We wish Ishani all the good luck for not just UYE-2 but also for her full fledged novel on which is presently working.

Oh and yes, before that let me share a few lines from her story.

The next person is someone who has been a little mystery for all of us but somewhere when I went through her blog I realized how much of an inspiration this lady is for all of us writers. Humble, kind and down to earth is what I would describe for Tarang Sinha. Anyway, let’s move on to know what inspired her to write her story ‘Dilemma’.

‘Dilemma’ is a woman centric story that deals with relationships, emotions and a very special bond. 
 I think, In a relationship, apart from unconditional love and support, you need some space to breathe your own thoughts, desires and views, and expect your partner to understand and respect it. Otherwise a beautiful emotion may lose it’s charm. 
So, if you ask about inspiration, I would say, it’s different shades of relationships, oodles of emotions that float in women hearts and troubles they face due to the eccentric mindset of our society, that inspired me to write this story. 

You can connect with Tarang on her Facebook Page or follow her blog 

This is all for today. I’ll be coming up with the rest of the participants as well. Till then stay healthy and keep shining!!!


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