I land here after around two months. Firstly, a big apology to all my readers. I am a tad lazy but this time I’ve crossed all limits in going crazy and lazy.
Firstly, for around one and a half month I had been having a gala time at home. I have finally unloaded a big burden from my shoulders. Yes!! I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. The last four years have been a roller coaster ride for me and form an integral part of my life. But then the golden rule of life is to move on and even though I miss those carefree days I have taken it in the stride of life. I am back to Delhi and you can say back in action as well.

So a few updates for now. If you think I have been busy reading or writing then you are not totally right 😀 I have done absolutely nothing in the past two months. A few landmarks could be getting interviewed at a few online portals.


Story Refresh

Startup Corner

I also gave interviews to print media including Hindustan and Dainik Jagran.

The book has also been reviewed by some lovely people. You can read the review here and here

The good part is that the book is doing well and yes, I’ll be at the Book Fair during the weekend. Hope to meet you guys.

And one big news, I happen to be the Managing Editor of new magazine related to Indian Literature, Expressions Unlimited. Sharing the cover pic of the latest issue.

I should have probably begun with my second work but I am too lazy so guess my readers will have to wait for some time.

And the rest is history, I’ll be coming up with a few reviews and posts very soon. Ciao!

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