So today I was just sitting with a my project team mates in the canteen discussing about the viva and how all of us are going to give the presentation. The weather had already been giving us a heavy time and all this topped up with the tension of project presentation was becoming too tough to handle when a fire broke out in the kitchen.
There was some issues with the gas cylinder and a guy got injured in the process. He was saved from burns but then he did deserve to be taken to the hospital but to our utter shock and dismay, none of the workers or the canteen head stood up to take up the poor guy to a doctor.
Just coz he was poor and worked hours in the heat for a meager amount of salary?
Why did no one care to help him out?
Even the few students who were present in the canteen got up to help him but why wasn’t he taken for a treatment.
The victim didn’t say anything for sometime but then he began to weep horribly. He kept on wailing for how long I do not know but sitting there certainly brought shivers in my body.
In this case, even I find myself on the wrong side. Why didn’t I stand up and raise a voice for him? Why was he simply given the homely cure? And that too because he cried for a long time. Why was he not taken to the nursing home? I still do not get this.

Is there any humanity left today?
Is it high time we gave it a thought?

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