Love: One of the strongest emotions
Money: One of the deadliest powers
Fame: One of the most poisonous drugs
When fame overpowers trust, when money rules the relationships, will the true love survive?
Will Arjun be able to drag himself out of the pool of guilt, for killing his wife, Shiya?
When the superstar Rehan, is dragged from riches to rags, will he be able to live the life of a common man, again?
Is patience, always worth it?
For how long can you wait to re-unite with your lover?
What if the wait is as long as three decades?
Will they be able to change their fate, or they’ll forever remain ‘Chained’?

About the author:

Mehek Bassi is 19 years old, Computer Engineering Student from Ludhiana (Punjab), and a typical Facebook addict! She experiences boredom very frequently and her sudden shift from B.Sc. to Engineering is an example of her bouncy life and a typical traveller Sagittarian trait that she nurses! One thing that is constant in her life is her keen interest in reading and writing.

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The Review:

First of all, I would like to congratulate Mehek for writing such a wonderful tale at such a young age. She is one girl who has set a new example in the writing industry. ‘Chained’ is the story of a young girl Shiya who dreams of making it big as a singing star. As soon as she enters college she meets Arjun who later on becomes her love interest. Shiya’s father, Shekhar Mathur is a high profile businessman who is always found buried in his work that he doesn’t have time for his family. Same is the case with her mother, Monika Mathur who is more of busy with her parties than family. Her sister, Mansha is way too caught up in her branded clothes. Due to all this, Shiya feels too lonely and this is where Arjun comes into picture. he loves her and protects her, makes her feel special and gives her the strength to achieve her dreams. And finally, Shiya fulfills her dream. But is this the final destination? Why does Monika Mathur behave so rudely with Shiya? Why is Shekhar Mathur so immersed in work that he does not have time for his family? Who is Tarannum? Why hasn’t she married even after reaching late forties? And what about Rehan, why is he being connected with Shiya repeatedly by the media? What about the jealousy and possessiveness that will overpower love and trust? Why are there so many ego clashes among couples? Can fame and money override logic and righteousness? Can you wait for your love for three decades? Read on the amazing tale of fame and power blended with love.
The story has a lot many spheres to it that keeps the reader glued till the end. The best part of the book is that it just doesn’t concentrate on love and mushy romance, there’s a lot of suspense and thrill which is generally not found in books these day. One can easily call this book a complete package. There are a lot of beautiful and thoughtful poems in the book that are going to sway your heart away. The story is crisp and pacy, not even one point would come where you’d feel like stopping. Romantic scenes are undoubtedly written very well so all you die hard romantics, just pick up the book and get started and even if you aren’t a romance lover, you are not going to get disappointed because there’s a lot more to the book than romance. Scene description and narration is amazingly great, language usage is again good, you wouldn’t have to pick a dictionary but then you will not have to read the monotonous writing, proper good sophisticated english is what you are going to get. I am reading a book by NotionPress for the first time and I must say, their editing is strong however there are 1-2 typing errors and paper quality is good as well.
And as for Mehek, girl! you have done a fabulous job. Keep writing and wishing you all the very best for ‘Chained’ and I am pretty sure this book is going to do amazingly well.

This comes under my ‘recommended read’.

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