Congratulations for your book Arpit, how did the idea of writing a book creep in your mind?
Thank You. The idea did strike me in one of my conversation with a friend. One fine day he read some stuff that I wrote and was amazed to see that. He said, “There are some things serious and good enough in your life, you should create a story based on that.” I gave it a casual try and then I started enjoying it. I never stopped after that.
How long did you take to write the story?
It took me 2 and a half long years to write it down. Not because there was much of research work in that but because I’ve always been one lazy soul.
What is the story behind the different kind of title of your book? (Do mention about the reason behind ‘Chockolate’ instead of ‘chocolate’)
Reason is very upfront, I’ve kept it intentionally.  Because it sounds jarring with an extra “K” and that’s what the story is also about. It’s not a cheesy love story and I wanted to keep the same feel with TITLE of Novel. Happy to know that readers are finding it justified reason and been able to relate to it as well.

How has your experience been with your publishers? What was the time span of the book having been written and published?
My experience with the publisher has been great till now and I look forward for stronger association with them in coming time as well. It took me 2 and half years to complete it and a year long wait to see it published.
Is this story inspired from actual incidents of your life or is it fiction altogether?
I’ve shared good amount of my real life experience and incidents in the novel.  So, it’s definitely based on it. But it’s work of fiction as well. Because you need to add good amount of fiction as well to make it an amazing script.
The most captivating thing about a book is its cover page and your book seems to top on it. What do you feel?
Quite true. I am in love with cover page since the day I saw it. I sincerely thank Pinaki De(My cover designer) for designing such a beautiful cover which complements the story well. Though, many people are of opinion that it’s Arpit Vageria in the cover image I’ve kept the answer open.J
Tell us something about your book.
My book’s story goes around three different cities. Indore, Pune and Mumbai. Arnab is male protagonist and Jahnvi is female protagonist. Story revolves around their changing values of relationship with changing cities.
Story shows different stages in a relationship.- Smooth.Dark.Sinful.
Yes, As I said- Story is developed in three different cities. Indore, Pune and Mumbai. It shows the Smooth, Dark and sinful phase of story in respective cities.
What does Arpit do when he is not writing?
I do a lot of music, travelling, reading, photography and sports when not writing.
Do you plan to write more?
Yes, I got excellent response on my debut novel till now. So I would definitely love to write much more stories and address different topics and issues in my upcoming stories. Infact, i’ve already started working on my second.
What according to you is the best field for a writer to earn capital out of his creativity?
Well, Writing doesn’t pay you good in India as it does outside. Still, I think if you want to make your passion of writing a career, one should try and get into screenplay writing too along with writing a novel. It gives multiple and better opportunity.
Who is your favourite author and what are your favourite literary works?
It’s difficult to name one, I love reading stories of different genres. But I like Nicolas Sparks, Mohsin Hamid and Betty Mahmoody the most.
My favorites are-
1). Not without my daughter- Betty Mahmoody
2). The Secret- Rhonda Byrne
3). The last song- Nicholas sparks
4). A Walk to remember- Nicholas Sparks
5) Moth Smoke- Mohsin hamid
Comment on the present scenario of Indian literary circle.
Well, I am too young to comment on it. Still, I think there are many good storytellers coming up and trying to get themselves published, Worst part- In a hurry to see themselves published, many of them aren’t been able to do justice to story, concept and language.
Hope to see much better Indian story, Authors in future.
Best Wishes!
Thank you Arpit, it was great chatting with you. All the very  best for your future endeavours.
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