Title: I Live For You
Author: Dhanashri Kadam
Publisher: White Feather Publications
Price: 120 INR
A story of dreams, love and destiny, I live for you is a tender tale of Shria and Aaditya which will leave a mesmerizing impact on its readers. With breakups and divorces so rampant, I Live for you will surely make the readers think about their relationships again. It could work as a prescription for the broken hearts assures the author. I Live for you is a must read for all the people who believe in love and also who are living their lives for someone. A reader will not merely read it, he will live this book.
The name or the face of the person you love will automatically pop up in front of your eyes promises the author. Missing this book will not be a big issue obviously; however, you will miss the chance of falling in love again. Lets rekindle all those soft memories of the newly in love moments Lets fall in love with I Live For You which is not just a love story, its the love of a story!!
The story revolves around Aaditya and Shria, two people who are already in a relationship and know each other through a common reference, Neha who happens to be Aaditya’s sister and Shria’s closest friend. While Shria is committed to Varun, Aaditya is going around with Payal, Shria’s college mate. But somewhere down the line Shria and Aaditya get too close. Varun’s behaviour with Shria begins to go off track, he tries to look down upon her and all those times she is supported by Aaditya. And one fine Aaditya confesses his love for Shria, he tells her that he liked her since the first day he saw her at his place. Shria has a dream that night about Aaditya and being together. Both of them are perplexed at the situation but there comes a time when they are unable to fight with the circumstances and finally decide to tell the truth to their partners. They face a lot of criticisms but their love for each other faces everything. From Shria and Aaditya, they become ‘Aadishri’. But is life destined to be happy forever. There are some more struggles to come in their way. And to know that, do pick up this 150 page beautiful tale.
I bought this book especially because of the unique title it possesses and the complicated plot it deals with. In today’s times, everyone is into relationships that there is no time to realize true love and when it happens, people get in a dilemma. They do not understand what should be done, whether they should cheat their partners or start anew with the person they live. This book seems to have dealt with the positive aspects of such a situation. Many a times we sacrifice our love for someone else but we tend to forget that unless we won’t be in love, we won’t be able to spread love. The book is a quick read with just 150 pages to go but every page has its own essence. Nowhere does it feel that the story is dragging even though I personally feel the intricacies of the situation of being in love with someone else apart from your own partner could have been dealt more detail. But then it isn’t harming the book in anyway. I found 2-3 errors related to homophones as in ‘career’ was spelt as ‘carrier’ and ‘vain’ was spelt as ‘vein’. Overall the story has a smooth flow and finds a place among the good light romantic reads. Grab your copies from Flipkart

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