Guest Post by ‘Jyotirmoy Mazumdar
Title: An Excursion of Insight
ISBN: 978-93-82536-04-8
Binding: Paperback
Year: 2013
Pages: xi, 190
Price: INR 190.00
Book Summary:
Sonam was young of course, but this book does not tell the story of just another young lad!
Sonam did fall in love with Sarika, but this is not just another candid love endeavor!
It all happened in an Engineering College Campus, but still it’s not just the tale of another Campus.
Sonam, who had his own dreams and vision, came from the Land of Bhutan to India to pursue Engineering.
A Buddhist ( both by birth and faith), a little philosophical too, but the reader is not given a philosophical treatise on Buddhism..
A story that takes you from the valleys and tea-gardens of Assam, to the hullabaloo of student life and eventually to an Excursion, an Excursion of Insight…
The Excursion of Insight, Sonam, that’s what the author calls it, by the name of the lead protagonist, Sonam Dorji, is a good tale about a young lad who travels miles, countries in his case, to pursue engineering. It is inevitable that a guy won’t fall in love during Engineering, as the author describes it. The book gets a little philosophical at times but it doesn’t hamper the flow, not to mention the different characters and the character buildups the author has put up. But even after you read the blurb, the book, you cannot make out the perfect genre of the book because it isn’t a perfect campus romance, nor a candid love story. It has a genre of its own and defines the definitions of uniqueness to a good extent. Though the book has more conversations but it doesn’t loose the track. The book can be recommended for the people looking for a love tale with some extra toppings over it. My personal view rates the character of Salil over Sonam, well that’s my view, readers will find Sonam to be an interesting prospect. Overall, a good read, and there will hopefully be many more books from Harsh.

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