What better can it be when your boss agrees to write a guest post for you? Well, it certainly happened with me. I had been approaching a few bloggers to write their opinion and plans about V Day and I told the same to Alok Sir and he agreed instantly and here he is telling us all about his plans. For all those who do not know, I write for a self help website I News India and Alok Sir happens to be the owner of it.
Normally Valentine Day is meant for youngsters. When you hear Valentine day, you assume cards, candy hearts, chocolates, roses, etc. Frankly it all appears for new love, or for first date.
Being a married couple, it’s hard to imagine all that, especially when you just had a baby a few months back. Thinking about Valentine Day does not give the butterflies in the stomach feelings.
But, it’s not true for me. In my opinion all these factors won’t stop me to celebrate the VD with my love. Actually for me every day is the Valentine’s Day, if my love is with me.
What’s my Plan to celebrate the Day?
I don’t have ordered bouquets of red roses for the day, don’t have booked dinner at some good place, I planned something new to celebrate the day. I planned something innovative, through which we can travel down the memory lane with my love. I ordered a Flipbook with all the best snaps of our baby, I am quite sure that I will get the same by tomorrow morning, and in the evening we three will visit to a nearby place where she can enjoy the south Indian dishes, as she loves eating them.
My effort is to spend the evening with my love and my little angel so that we can share some good moments together, and always remember the evening. 
A little about Alok Sir:
Alok Vats is presently working as an Online Marketing Manager at Koenig Solutions Pvt Ltd. He also runs two websites namely I News India, a self help website and Tech Acid, a technology blog. He resides in Delhi with his wife and daughter.

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