As I said yesterday there’ll be a few more responses of bloggers in my network and today we have Nimi Vashi, a prolific book reviewer. I personally love the way she deals with book reviews and I generally pick up books suggested by her. And after I am done reading them, I find her views apt. Her honesty in writing has made her one of the best reviewers of today’s times in our literary circle.
So let’s get to know her plans on V Day.

First of all this is my first article wherein I have expressed my opinion (I have always written poems and book reviews), I would therefore thank Harshita for proving me an opportunity and everyone reading this article for their time, comments and suggestions if any. “Valentines Day” a day that most people in their youth look forward to! I too was fascinated by it as a naïve teenager, as it was the day you saw in movies people falling in love gifting each other, proposing and being together. Love was in the air. However, the maturation of my thoughts coincided with the emergence of westernization and with it the business giants like Hallmark and Archies, who cater to the market need “display emotions with style”. As their business goals went higher we had more days occupying our calendar viz. father’s day, mother’s day, daughters day, friendship day and every other thing day.  This made me ponder what I ask everyone who believes in these even today, “Why only a single day for love?” “Do you not love your partner or the better half or soul mate every day, every minute, every nano second of your life?”  Then why do you have to show it on one day in the entire year. Instead if we try to live each day considering it dedicated to love wont the world be a better place to live? 
Each relationship is precious and sadly in most cases we realize it only when we lose it. In the recent hard and fast life where one rarely has time for one self, spend five minutes with a loved one, talk to your grandparents at the end of the day, spend half an hour playing with your children and forget everything else, deadlines, meetings, exams etc. These are the moments that will be embedded in the book of your life. In short don’t wait for the valentine’s day to say “I Love You”!!!

Something about Nimi:

Nimi is a PhD Student in Biological Sciences at ICGEB , NewDelhi. She is a book lover which apparently shows on her blog ‘The Readers Cosmos‘ where she writes everything related to books and authors. She is also into book promotion and advertising. So all the book lovers you should surely visit her blog. You may know more about her blog on her FB page here.

I totally agree with Nimi, love needs no day for its expression 🙂 But then it is a special day that is celebrated all over the world.

How are you celebrating your V Day?
Do share
And there’s another plan coming up from none other than my boss 🙂 I am so excited about it 😀 

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