With VDay just round the corner I got in touch with a few bloggers to know what they would be doing on 14th Feb. For today, we have two beauty bloggers who opened up their heart to share about this special day.
While Neisha has been into beauty blogging since over one year now and has been a regular reader of my works, Megha is a new addition to my blog friends. Over to you Megha and Neisha 🙂

I have already planned to give roses and chocolates to all my besties: Megha

This year I thought of celebrating my V-day with someone special but alas did not meet my valentine till now L. But no worries J, I am more happy that I will be celebrating V-day with my special friends and one thing is sure that we are going to have loads of fun. We are planning to wear pink and red to have a strong V-day feel. I am going to do a special V-day nail art on my nails.  As all of my buddies are working so we will celebrate in the evening to accommodate everybody’s schedule.

Our celebration will start in the evening with a visit to a mall for fun and purchase some special V-day items. After that we are planning to have dinner at some cool restaurant and lastly will finish the day by watching “Special Chabbis”.
But But But didn’t you feel that I missed out something ??? It’s V-day so how it can be complete without a ROSE and gifts. Don’t worry my dear friends, I have already planned to give roses and chocolates to all my besties J
Something about Megha:
Hi I am Megha Saraf. I am a big makeup, beauty and nail art fanatic. My love for makeup and beauty led me into blogging. I am a gold medalist (MBA) and always eager to learn new things. Apart from makeup and beauty, I  enjoy reading, exploring new places, playing with my nephew and chit chatting with friends and family. I  love my pet a lot and have a deep love for animals. You can check out my blog here.
Every regular day can turn into your day of love: Neisha
Valentine’s day is very special for people who love someone or are in love. However, to feel, show or celebrate our love we should not restrict to a particular day. Every regular day can turn into your day of love. Still on my Valentine’s day. I would like to spend my entire day with my Valentine, have good food and then tell him how much I love him. We say that almost everyday but when you look into someone’s eyes and express your love then, it’s altogether a different feeling.
I guess this is the one thing no matter how many times I have heard it before but it feels as if that’s the first time.
Now, how can I forget shopping, girls can not have enough when it comes to shopping.
I will give him a card which i have made especially for him, while going back home so that whatever I have written he should read it at home.
Those were my plans for the Vday!! so, what are yours.???
Something about Neisha:
My name is Niesha, owner and editor of Indian Beauty Forever
I have done Master In Science and my passion for beauty and makeup, inspired me to create my blog where I share beauty and makeup product review, makeup tutorials especially eye makeup and nail arts with some online shopping.

I’d love to hear your plans as well. Do share.
I’ll be sharing another post on the same tomorrow.
~Stay tuned~
Wishing you all a very happy Valentine Week

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