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Let’s catch up with the book review of ‘The Girl I last Loved’ by Smita Kaushik.
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Publisher: General Press
Pages: 210
Price: 125 INR
Book Summary:
Love is all about flowers, gifts, movie nights, first kiss and then many more. Or is it? Then what about one sided love…
Being friends in spite of knowing your true feelings…
The incapability to read eyes…
Don’t frustration, pain and loneliness lie on the other side of love?
Meet Akash, an over achiever, who aims to conquer it all but is unable to love.
Kasam, a girl beyond his reach.
Though destiny keeps bringing them together, their world seldom collides.
When he was a nave geek, she was the Style Diva.
And now when he is a corporate junkie, where faces are masked. She is a professional motivator, who sees even beyond the faces.
Two people.
Single love story revisited three times.
Four proposals.
A ten year journey of finding and losing love.
Countless moments of serendipity.
Yet not a single moment of confession.
He lived all his life fighting love…
Will he ever fight for love?
About The Author

Smita Kaushik became author by chance and is now pursuing it by choice. Her first novel Lets Get Committed not only created waves among the young generation but also pitched some notes with others as well. Though her forte lies in romance with hint of comedy, she sometimes tries to lay hands on philosophy. An ex-DPSite, she did her graduation from KIIT University and is currently based in Hyderabad. Always a creativity inclined person, she has excelled in different art forms like contemporary, madhubani & warli and has won many national level art competitions. For fun she likes to watch rom-com and read novels.
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The Review:

If you are looking for that perfect romantic novel with happy ending then this is the novel to go for. The story revolves around Akash and Kasam. Kasam is the girl everyone yearns for. Akash is one of those guys who are mad after her, he finds her out of her league. It is not just a story, it’s a journey of love that takes ten years to complete. Kasam gets to know about Akash’s fondness for her through the help of their friends in school. They roam about as friends and Akash always feels that Kasam would never accept him as her beau. During their friendship they get to know each other very closely. It is nice to see the author mentioning certain dark and light thoughts and habits both of them possessed and how Akash noticed everything. The description happens to be very catchy with a very soothing and good language usage. Each scene comes alive with every word, Kasam’s habit of chewing the thermocol cup while drinking coffee, her colourful bangles and her take towards life, changes that come in her with life with time and everything that is hidden behind the colourful, attractive and the most wanted girl of the campus.
Their paths cross again after years when they meet at Mumbai and Akash is smitten by her beauty yet again. Smita has described every scene very beautifully. The colourful description of Kasam when Akash finds her amidst the crowd of Mumbai Station takes you to another world. I loved it how Smita describes every minute detail with ease.
In a few more glimpses, I saw her lemon coloured kurti and purple embroidered jhola. I was nearing her. My speed continued to increase. I saw her hand, her sparkling multi coloured bangles, a red coloured thumb ring, a sea-green ring rig on her little finger, when she tried to stop a man who was about to crash into her.
This was just an instance of the perfect character definition the author builds up in the whole story. Kasam is shown donning the hat of a motivational speaker and runs an institute ‘Prayas’ as Akash says ‘she was doing what she was best at.’ Her speeches are super awesome and mind blowing. You almost feel the impact of those powerful words Kasam tries to present to the audience. It ain’t easy to be a motivational speaker and portraying one’s character like this requires a thumbs up to the author. Now the only question is will they meet again? Would Akash be able to express his feelings for her? Kasam had left him for someone else then, would she leave him again? It’s just round 2 guys, there’s another meeting left for the lovers to finally have a happy ending.
And if you ask me for any flaws then I didn’t find much though the story could have been a little swifter. But I am not at all complaining. The sweetness of love should stay for long, don’t you think so? Overall it’s a great romantic read. I didn’t find much of flaws in the story. This book is truly meant for die hard romantics. This 210 page book wouldn’t disappoint you.
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Ah! Yes if you want to know what I am reading now, I am reading Mom and I Love a Terrorist by Leema Dhar. You can expect a review very soon 🙂
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