Few weeks back I got the opportunity of interviewing the four book old Rashmi Singh. When I got the opportunity to interview her on the platform of Isahitya, I was pretty ashamed of being unaware of her two books on fiction. Till then I had heard of her self help books namely ‘Back to School @ 30’ and ‘Taming The Restless Mind’ but when I began to research on her I found out about ‘Love’s Journey’ and ‘The Fallen Love’. Meanwhile I was sent a copy of ‘The Fallen Love’ for review and I was halfway through when the interview happened. And this has been the best interview I have ever taken. In my journey of interacting with authors since the past six months, I never felt so comfortable with the author like it did with this beautiful lady. She helped me lot while I googled out about her and researched all the more for framing questions. Read on to see what we talked about here

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