Guest Post by Kiran
Today, I read an article in Times Life that reminded me my gloomy days. We all in almost all stage of our life face some kind of stress, frustration and loneliness and yes, we try to overcome it by different ways but many times situation becomes too difficult for us to handle so we try to give ourselves physical pain just to divert our mind towards the external pain and the formula really works. May be secretly, but yes many of us have done this and I know how difficult it is to admit it publicly. Being a teenager I can really correlate all this to my life.

To overcome these situations many of us believe that sharing your problems helps a lot. I agree too, it helps a lot but in today’s socialized life, we all know the situation and maximum time we are left with so the source of problem is isolation. We are social animals and we are born to be in a society, without which we can never survive, we depend on others for over survival. Each one of us needs someone with whom we can share and discuss. However, what to do when we don’t have that someone in our life? Moreover, it surely doesn’t mean one should cut themselves.
Believe it or not, but your stressful days can be a boom to you. They can really help you to explore yourself and to know your soul even better. Never force yourself to be happy when you are dying inside, don’t ignore your inner voice, let yourself be free to express your feelings at least to you. Be true to yourself, you can’t hide anything from yourself. Then try to figure out what and when things went wrong, recalling your past will never harm you and try to learn from your mistakes, where you went wrong or when and why the situation went against you.
After that, try to rearrange things to make them come under control. If you are really sure that there is no way out then this is the time to flush all your worries to gutter. Why to worry if you can’t do anything about it? Worrying will also do nothing. Give yourself a long break, try to feel the rhythm of your heartbeat and dance to it. Life is a real gift and we all know it will end one day then why to die every day.
Give yourself a chance to paint, write or do some kind of creative work. Trust me this really helps a lot. Don’t ever worry if you are worst in it still it is far better than hurting yourselves. If you are afraid to show it then do it secretly it will definitely do no harm. I have come across many people who are very creative when they are stressed because this is the best way one can express his feelings. It is well said art is the only thing by which one can connect to their soul and can express every hidden desire or even deep sorrows. So, whenever you feel stressed dance, paint, write and do everything you once dreamed of. You never now, your inner soul may have a hidden Picasso dying to come out.     

Kiran is a final year student of B.Tech(EC) in G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida. She loves reading and has finally decided to pour out her feelings on an online platform, till now she preferred writing in her personal diary.

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