Another weekend and another celebrity on the block. This time we have a debut author who agreed to be interviewed by me. Ashutosh Bhatia who is coming up with his latest book with a unique title

‘So many turning points… A crorepati turned “roadpati” ‘
Mr. Ashutosh Bhatia is not just a writer, he is a multi talented personality who indulges in photography and motivational speaking apart from being an IT consultant. We heartily congratulate Mr. Bhatia for the book.Get the inside story of writing a book from the author himself.
Harshita: What does Ashutosh Bhatia do apart from writing?
Ashutosh: Writing has been my passion but being from IT Sector, my main time and schedule is involved in my IT work.
Harshita: From an IT professional to a writer, how did the change came over you?
Ashutosh: It’s not a change actually as I have been involved in writing for long but somehow that was for personal use, for my clients or for the various session I take but yes writing a book is really different from all that I have been writing before. It has taken lot of efforts and my time to get this book completed but for sure next book writing will be much easy.
Harshita: How did you hit on such kind of title?
Ashutosh: This is the title which I felt people would love to ready and as it’s a real instance so they will be able to relate themselves. The story will make everyone feel in the scene as this is what most entrepreneurs face and get into issues.
Harshita: How do you manage to juggle between your profession and writing?
Ashutosh: Yeah, it has been difficult to manage things. Initially when I started everything was always messed up as the time management was not happening but slow and steady wins the race for sure, this happened with me. I was giving full time in office and evening and late night, I was giving to my writing finally I was able to do it.
Harshita: What motivated you to write a novel? Tell us something about it.
Ashutosh: It’s what I have faced in my life and I was sure that with my experience in facing various hurdles and how life has played with me will help others. I have been helping numerous people with my experience and situation I have faced and it has always helped them to come out of the problem. So I was curious if I can write something which helps everyone in facing the challenges and motivated them somehow.
As I have told before here, this is a true life professional story, my experiences that I have gained from life.
Harshita: What are your expectations from the readers?
Ashutosh: Hope they get prepared to face problems before it comes or rather if it’s their own they know how to come out of it.
Harshita: Who has been your source of inspiration all this while?
Ashutosh: My daily routine and financial crisis which I was facing, lack of facilities for long, family getting stressed for not getting the basic necessities fulfilled always inspired me to write what I was facing. 
Harshita: Do you plan to take up full time writing?
Ashutosh: I am not sure about it but yes I am coming up with another two books which are in pipeline after this. 
Rapid Fire
Favourite Author: Mr. Chetan Bhagat
Favourite Books: “Illusion”, “2 States”, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”
Favourite pastime: Talking          
Favourite movie: Anand
Favourite cuisine: Typical Indian (Food made by MY MOM)

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