Have you fallen in and out of love?
How painful it is to let go off your first love?
But…Life goes on…and it gives you another chance too…
This January, get ready to witness a one of a kind love story
ONE IN A MILLION…a novel by Harshita Srivastava
Welcome to the roller coaster ride of Priyanka and her misadventures with Love…Coz it’s not always about first love…It’s about growing up in love with different people and different situations
Priyanka… A whacky Delhi girl
Shashank…A boy every girl wants to have
Vishal…Their best friend
Come and see how they collide into each other’s life…
Who will sweep her off her feet?
Shashank? Vishal? Or is there someone else who will finally make her realise the true meaning of love?
Why does love have to bump into her in most unusual situations?

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