So it’s time for some gossip. Didn’t we all love the debut novel ‘Did She Love Me‘? by Jyotirmoy Mazumdar that released in May this year. He swayed the hearts of many hardcore romantics by the sweet lovely acts of his protagonist and some very emotional poems that graced the book. Anyway the book has been doing really well in the market and he has a lot of fans to his credit now. But what next? He happened to be the first author I got to interview on the platform of Isahitya. In a recent chit chat with him he informed that his next book would be on terrorism. And this is not just one book, he has plans to write a trilogy on it. He is busy editing his manuscript these days and has big plans.

In his own words, he says

I first wrote this novel on terrorism in Assam in June and had plans of writing a trilogy over it but a second read to the first draft of this book made me realize that terrorism is something the whole country suffers from and it ought to be cleaned from the roots. This is my attempt to make the Government know what it hasn’t done in the past and to the readers, to the people, to every Indian I would just say one thing, ‘You and only you can contribute in the development of the country’ 

On coaxing him to reveal the publisher of the book, he remained mum on it even though he did say that it is going to Big. He reveals that in the first draft there was a touch of romance but at present the book is high on terrorism and suspense.
Writing a book on terrorism at the age of 20 is indeed a great step. Every author grows with each novel he writes and we expect the same from him too. Terrorism is not new in our country. It has haunted people for long. Every year, we see many cities burn in blasts and face the consequences alone. Hundreds of lives are lost without any fault of theirs. Who is actually responsible for this? The government or the people or the sects biased in the name of religion. I hope we get to see a whole lot of action and thought provoking ideas in the book. How the book fares when it comes in the market is what time will tell us but we certainly wish him all the best for his latest venture. 

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