Bollywood has been rocking with giving its audience awesome movies like Barfi and Oh My God back to back. We needed some good movies apart from the commercial masala movies. In this context I even liked Ferrari Ki Sawaari that came some time back. If you thought Barfi was awesome then Oh My God is going to blow off your mind. Of course we can’t compare the two but then all of these movies deserve to be applauded for. A total paisa vasool movie. While Barfi told you the language of silence then Oh My God does make you say OMG.

Barfi gave a sweet message of the love between two unusual people and had a very fresh feeling with the best of performances by RK, PC and Illeana. It shows how a person with disabilities can stay happy with what he said and not only that he believes in spreading happiness all around. It tells you how amazingly even silence can speak.

Ferrari Ki Sawari was an enjoyable ride as well. With wonderful act by all the actors, it brought into light the way a middle class man leads his life and what he does for his survival. And after all these amazing films, OMG hits the festive season with a spark and not just entertains you, it enlightens you as well.

Akshay has always been perfect in his movies and this movie was no exception. The Akshay Paresh Jodi spreads its magic here too. It delves into the confusion so many of us have in mind. Will lighting candles and donating in temples and worship places alone help bring happiness and success in life? Would donating crores of money on God or giving milk make God happy? Wouldn’t it be better if you use the money in helping out a poverty stricken man?

Questioning the existence of God and not only that blaming him for your woes would be considered as heinous crime but it didn’t to Kanji Bhai. He fought for justice, for his family and what was right. Who is going to pay for the damage caused by ‘Act of God’? In his fight to know the answers of life, he gets through the deeper meanings which none of us even think of but follow blindly.

As kids, we humans are taught to pray to God for our welfare. We offer our prayers to him for our own greed. We offer him exchange offers but God doesn’t want you to acknowledge his presence only if he passes you in exam or helps you get a promotion. Instead of fighting and facing the obstacles, we ask him to handle it for us.All he requires is your true love and belief.An atheist is someone who watches things carefully, observes and analyses and then he says that this is wrong, it is not done by God. And a true atheist can only turn into a firm believer of God once he gets to know the true reason behind it. But the problem that the world faces is that people are not God loving but God fearing and that is why the business of so called ‘Messenger of God’ is flourishing.
So in what category do you fall, God loving or God fearing?
If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it now.

7 Replies to “Bollywood gives awesome movies back to back”

  1. I watched OMG and that was a brilliant movie very much like what i think.
    i am not god fearing, i am god loving and moreover in our country there there are more temples than the schools.
    i think god will be more happy if we become a good human first.:)
    Love u harshita.

  2. Yes Niesha..I agree with you..instead of making temples showing off our dedication towards God, we could use the same money in building schools and orphanages..
    But who takes heed to all this..we are still a developing country :@


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