Title: ChocKolate Sauce
Author: Arpit Vageria
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers
Price: 125 INR

Arpit Vageria brings a yummy treat to the readers with his debut work ‘Chockolate Sauce- Smooth. Dark. Sinful’. The book has a very fresh and slurpy title with an equally catchy cover page. Something that provokes you to lay your hand on this book. The book is now on pre-order at Infibeam and it’s time to have a look at what the book has plans to serve the readers.

About the book

Arnab likes Jahnvi. Aditi likes Arnab. Jahnvi also thinks she likes Arnab. And Rishi.. well.. he likes everybody!!

Arnab, family loving guy, younger son and mummyโ€™s pet! Emotionally blackmailed to stay back in Indore, pursues his Graduation from Renaissance College.

Aditi โ€” caring, helping and loving girl. Arnab’s best friend. His agony aunt. Who knows and understands Arnab more than he himself can ever. Loves him? Does not love him? Neither knows that! 

Jahnvi, is a charming and pretty girl, with high values and family centric who would never want to hurt her parents in any way.

Rishi, a playboy and unfortunately Arnab’s best buddy. He loves many and more! Only if he knew whom he really loves?!

Who loves whom more? Who leaves whom? And why? Does Arnab love Jahnvi or Aditi? Or does Arnab love both of them?

Love. Break up. Useless logics. Sex buddy. Money. Career. Parents.

And love again!

Fate throws them challenges, one and all. Will they fight and win?

Or lose? Read on the confused tale of love and lovers.

After reading the blurb, don’t you feel some or the other character is like you or someone you know. Doesn’t it arouse the feeling to pick up the book and know who will be bound together by the strings of love? Yes, it does, at least to me it does. The book has an absolutely lovable set up of the beautiful city of Indore, also called as Mini Mumbai. All of us have gone through the best friend or lovers confusions? Haven’t we? And how things changed with time. Well this books might just take you back to the good old days of college life and the conflicts between love and relationship to be topped up with the responsibility towards family. 
Let’s have a sneak peak into a poem you will find in the book
It had to happen someday, Might be in some or other way
The proposal did come out, I said it inside out
Though I tried holding back my emotions, To amount I succeed was still a question?
I did stop for once, But gathered courage and said it all at once
I love her to moon and back, She’s the one for me now.
I hope she’s not taken aback, I am the arrow and she’s the bow.
Don’t, Please don’t say me NO baby, Try and understand the feeling
My heart is getting heavy, Your one YES would do the healing.
Every moment I spent with you are indeed forever special.
Your talks, eyes and innocence always keep me dazzle
Do agree on my love and I won’t let you down.
I commit you happiness, I’ll ensure it makes you drown.
You’re the one and last on the grounds we call “Love”.
So many of them come and go, You’re doubtlessly one in all above.
With you I feel complete, There’s much more to reiterate.
Rapidly increasing heartbeats, I hope life to give me a treat.
From Monday till Sunday, Always with you it’s Funday.
It had to happen someday, Might be in some or other way.

-Arpit Vageria

The pangs of anxiety when a guy waits for his proposal’s answer is portrayed exceptionally well. And which girl wouldn’t say Yes after reading this?

And before you question about the title of the book, this is what the author answered when I asked him the same:
“As many people are already asking for the reason of an extra “K” in “ChocKolate Sauce”. I would like to tell that I’ve kept it intentionally. Reason- It sounds jarring with an extra “K” and that’s what the story is also about as its not a cheesy love story and i wanted to keep the same feel with TITLE of Novel.”

About the Author
Arpit Vageria, born in Indore, is one amongst the young authors of India. Chockolate Sauce is his debut novel. Apart from writing, he is currently employed in a leading media group of Mumbai.

He is a commerce graduate from Renaissance College, Indore and has done a management course from IBS, Mumbai. His other interests are listening to music, travelling and reading.

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  1. Thanks Harshita Srivastava for sharing it on your blog. I am overwhelmed to be there on your blog. Looks good! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward for your review now once you get your hands on it.

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