Book Title: I Loved a Street Woman
Author: Nitin Vinay Khare
Publisher: Diamond Books 
Price: 100 INR( Available at a lower price online)
About the Book:
How much can one sacrifice for love?
Is love just fun and physical pleasures or something much beyond that?
Would one chose a street woman over a princess?
Do omens and destiny play any role in our relationships and love?
“I loved a street woman” is the story of Capt. Aviral (Ex Indian Army) a young war veteran who is reconciling his life, estranged from his childhood love and recovering from war injuries. Was it really true love that he lost? 
As Aviral starts his Travel firm, he accompanies a strange travel freak mysterious girl ‘Umrao’ on a random trip. As they visit old forgotten cities and experience the cults and practices of these places and explore the unseen life of villages en route, their most secret doubts and fears begin to unwind.
As the trip ends and ‘Umrao’ disappears leaving no clue, Aviral finds that she belongs to the banned streets of the some unknown town.
Will he ever accept and confess his love for her? Will he sacrifice everything for love?
“I loved a street woman” is a journey which unfolds the absolute meanings of love.
About the Author:

Nitin Vinay Khare belongs to a beautiful sleepy town of Panna, nearby world heritage site Khajuraho,famous for its tiger reserve, waterfalls and diamond mines. A Sainik School alumnus and a post graduate in management, he prefers to live an anonymous and nomadic life in search of creative inspirations for his stories, poetry and paintings. He regularly pens down his blogs upon vibrant social issues. He also runs a mural studio De Murals. Past several years, he has been writing series of novels; the first published work of them is I loved a street woman.

My View: Before picking up the book I had no clue that it would be such a stupendous read. Impressive writing style, beautiful narration, awesome imagination that helps you draw pictures in your mind while you read, what else could you ask for? Not even once did I feel that the book is a debut work. Emotions have been weaved into words with full endeavour. A great imagination is required while writing and the author seems to possess this quality very well. Thoughts on love and relationships have been portrayed amazingly well. I fall short of praises to describe the wonder his pen has made. Love while in a journey in the most unusual situation is mesmerizing. A lot of history which we had forgotten in the history classes seems to have revived. The letter that Umrao leaves for Capt. Aviral brings you close to tears. The pangs of unspoken love and search of lost love makes your heart go for the leads of the book. The conflict within the heart of a man who falls in love with a girls who happens to be from a brothel is penned down very well. The book gives a social message to the readers. Love doesn’t distinguish between the outcaste and the upper caste. In the words of the author, “Love wins, Love always wins”
A definite pick for everyone who has loved and lost love.

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