Today’s newspaper talked about how a 24 year old cop, Vijay Kumar avenged his sister’s death by shooting down his brother-in-law and his demised sister’s MIL. In case you haven’t read the news, you can read it here.

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But the question is has his sister’s death been avenged by this? Vijay was surely a brave man to do this act. His deed has made him a gem of brother in the news but couldn’t the ending be better if proper justice had been given at the proper time? Vijay’s sister had committed sister nine years back when he was just 15 due to dowry harassment by her in laws. The fire of revenge had been raging in him since then. He grew up to be the VIP Security Cell Constable but denied  justice took away the life of three and leaving behind a widow and two fatherless kids. After the death of Vijay’s sister, His brother-in-law had remarried and had two kids from her.
There are so many dowry cases that come in the news and some get wrapped up in the bags of money and bribery. If our society becomes more alert towards issues like these, a few families can be saved from brunt of this social evil. This is not just a case of revenge, this is about what impression does an incident like this makes on a teenager. He was just 15 when he was snatched away from his sister. Will her sister’s soul rest in peace after this? Will she feel good that she has been the cause of her brother’s death? And what about his parents and family? Would the parents be able to live properly after losing their two children in such a tragic incident? Will our law ever learn the dignity it should possess?

Disclaimer: These are my personal views and are not intended to incite any group of people in any way or to malign someone’s image.

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