I saw this book for the first time when I went to Mahaveer Publisher’s office on the 1st of this month and since then the cover page and the title had been intriguing enough to order my copy. It is often said ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’ but the cover page is truly attractive and it does account for the sales of the book.

Title: ‘The Fork & Spoon of Life’
Author: Ankrish Khanna
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers
Price:125 INR

About the book:

He loved a girl, his best friend loved her too..The best friend takes the girl away before he could even tell her about his feelings. Is it a reason good enough to end your friendship ? Whose fault is it ? Is the wealth of friendship smaller than a feeling called “ love ” ?
This is a story of Jai Singh who breaks his emotional barriers and discovers some truths about life. Meets 3 people – Mahi, Devansh & Vrinda who help him discover it all in the beautiful odyssey of life.
Is the choice between friends and family the easy one? Your choice is always worth it ? Is every relationship about politics of desire ? How painful can separation from a loved one get ?
School girls might already be having a crush on him 😛
Don’t you think so? 😀
About the Author:

Ankrish is a student at Modern School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. “The Fork & Spoon Of Life” is his attempt to compete his passion for story telling judging the value of emotions between friendship & wealth.
He is a travel freak, loves to watch drama  and interact with new people.

My View: The blurb of the book talks about two best friends falling for the same gal but this comes quite at the end. The protagonist Jai Singh is shown to have fallen for Mahi all the while but the confrontation part comes in the end. There are subtle hints but the suspense is on. But this is book is not just about this. It has a lot more. It talks about family bonds which we rarely get to see nowadays, a bro-bro relationship, a bro-sis bond, a parent-kid bond, a brother in law sis in law bond, it has every relation that we have in life but hardly find time to express. The book gives a fresh feel even though it talks about college life, a group of friends, two guys and two gals, their journey of three years in college. How the guy falls for the wrong gal all three years when she is already robbed in by his best friend is something to watch out for. And an amazing moral for every boy who wishes to propose a girl, ‘Never wait for the perfect time, jst cash in the time you have and that is NOW for its now or never’. I especially loved reading Page 132 and 133, a few things many families forget in the long run. Overall a light hearted novel that gives you quite a number of lessons of life with a balanced amount of dosage of romance. Though I wish the ending could have been better but then yes it wasn’t that bad either Jai had finally got to know what was required out of him. And the best part while reading the book is you don’t feel that the book was actually written when the author was 13 and got published when he was 15. Kudos to writer for the amazing work. Ah! And yes I did find some typos but didn’t stop the flow anyway.

Verdict: Deserves to be read by every youngster.

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